BetGames Lucky 6 Tips

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 or otherwise knows as “6 out of 60” and is one of three live dealer lottery games available on Betgames.TV. Lucky 6 is a dynamic leprechaun themed video game based on a lottery. There are five betting categories from which punters have the option of betting on fixed odds outcomes. Lucky 6 is a very popular game and is available to play live on your pc or on mobile.


How Lucky 6 works

The draw takes place, and is considered to be done, when a player chooses 6 balls from a total of 60.  30 Balls are coloured red and are numbered from 0-9, the other 30 balls are coloured blue and are also marked 0-9.  The balls are then drawn into the cylinders labelled A, B and C of the machine, and the winning balls will be determined in these cylinders, showing from the first cylinder on the left to right.  There is one betting round in which players can place bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.  A betting round lasts about four minutes and takes place between game draws which are run every five minutes on a daily basis. The other popular Betgames are: Dice Duel, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7

Game Play

Presenters will insert a new set of unmixed balls into the machine before the start of each draw.  One betting round is available before each draw, and players’ can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.  As soon as a draw is complete the next betting round starts immediately. The broadcast starts after the end of the betting round. The company will determine the maximum and minimum betting limits.  Draws can be cancelled at any time should there be technical problems in the studio or the presenter’s make mistakes or even due to internet connection problems.