Betking Booking

The betting industry is growing at a fast pace and from time to time, a new technology or a feature is introduced into the betting industry in order to make betting even more convenient and exciting for punters. In recent years, we have seen the introduction of exciting betting products like Virtual Sports, eSports, SRL and several other products, the aforementioned products proved quite important during the time when the Covid 19 pandemic was wrecking havoc because real sports were being suspended. Several features have also been introduced in the betting industry including Cashout and Booking and these have made the punters betting experience better. Go to our Convert Bet Codes tool.

What is Betking Booking or Book-a-Bet?

Booking is a cool feature from Betking which allows punters to make their bets which they can then use to bet at a betshop or share the bets with their friends or loved ones. One of the main disadvantages of betting in a betting outlet are the long queues and also to select the games especially if you are making a multi-bet, this is where the booking feature from Betking becomes very useful because it gives you the opportunity to make your selections at home and then go to the betting outlet with just a unique code and your stake. Besides just betting for yourself, you can also share the booking code with your loved ones as well and they can use it to bet either online or at a betting shop.

How To Book A Bet with Betking?

Booking a bet is quite simple, you need to follow the simple steps in order to succesfully do so, it is also important to note the process is quite similar from betting online save from the fact that you will not submit your bet on the online platform. This feature can be used by anyone whether or not they are registered with the bookmaker. To book a bet, you must:
Visit the Betking website but you do not have to login as you will not be able to book bets if you are signed in.
Select your sport of choice from the menu on the left side of the homepage.
Select tournament of your choice and click ‘Proceed’
Choose the markets you wish to play and select the odds by clicking on them. Your selections will automatically be added to your betting slip on the right side of the page.
Select the amount you wish to stake. Click on ‘Book’ and an alpha-numeric booking code will be generated.

How to enter a Betking booking code?

If you have a booking code that you wish to bet on, it’s quite simple because you do not have to input the matches individually but you just input the code and place the bet. In order to enter a booking code, you must;
Log into your Betking betting account at
Locate the field to enter your booking code, which is located just under the betslip on the homepage.
Enter the booking code and click on the ‘load’ button.
You will be presented with the fixtures from that booking and you are supposed to indicate your stake.
Click on the ‘Proceed’ button