Betking Shop

Betking offers people in Nigeria an opportunity to become agents and be able to accept bets on behalf of the bookmaker. See also Betking Login Guide. This is great way of empowering the society because nothing stops the bookmaker from operating their business themselves but they just want to empower the people. In order to become a Betking agent, you must meet the following requirements:
You must have a shop in a busy area
The shop should have space for a minimum of 2 cashiers
You must have a minimum of 3 TVs
You must have a minimum of 3 laptops
You must have a minimum of 2 Thermal printers
You must have a stable internet
You must have a generator/power supply
If everything is in place and you have successfully become an agent, you will need to be equiped with the knowledge of how the Betking system works so that you will be able to easily help the customers who come to your shop. As an agent, you have to master the ‘Betking Shop’ which is the system you will be using. Betking Shop has two main categories namely the Cash Desk and Print Odds. Betking Cash also consists of the Coupon Check and Print Odds, Coupon check is a feature which allows an agent to enter the coupon into the system and check. Print Odds on the other hand allows you to print out selected fixtures for your clients and this feature is flexible in the sense that you can choose the exact matches and types of odds you want on your printout.

How The Cash Desk Feature Works?

When you log into your cashier, you will notice a new feature called Cash Desk. Cash Desk is an improved way to place sports on the platform and this is only used by Betking agents, in other words this is a work area agents use when they are accepting punter’s bets on behalf of Betking.

What are the main features of the Cash Desk?

Under event ID, you can either enter the event code or type the name of the team to search for the event.
If you have not yet memorised all the bet types, you can easily find them by typing the market/bet code or use CTRL + O and this will bring up all the bet types.
Use Tab to go confirm the selection and move onto the new selection
Below is a list of all the shortcodes which are used with Cash Desk;
To play next selection – click TAB
To verify coupon code – Ctrl+F9
To edit/go to any row number – Ctrl+Any row number
To delete any row – Click the Red X
To place a bet without confirming button – Ctrl+Enter Key
To open all market for any match – Ctrl+O
To play Comb. Bet – Ctrl+Alt+Any number
To minimize or maximize Cash Desk window – Ctrl+m
To make a match Banker – Add / to the option box
To make any kind of search – Type any 3 letters in the event box
To place/stake the bet – Click Enter & put any amount
To save the previously selected option – Ctrl+F8

What are the features of the Print Odds section?

The print odds section allows you to print fixtures for customers so that they see the matches available and the odds for those particular matches. The Print Odds section allows an agent to pring out fixtures for Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. Please note that this section is chategories into Fast Print and Standard Print.
Fast Print
Fast Print is exactly what it means, here an agent needs to select the sport he wants to print the fixture for and the sports available are Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. After selecting the sport, the agent then needs to select the dates for the fixtures and here the agent can select from one day up to a total of 20 days. After selecting both the sport and the dates, one can proceed to print the fixture.
Standard Print
Standard Print is more flexible in the sense that you can choose the exact matches and types of odds you want on your printout. The Standard Odds section allows an agent to pring out fixtures for soccer and several other sports, below is a list of all the sports you can make printouts for;
Soccer Tennis Basketball
Volleyball Baseball American Football
Handball Rugby Snooker
Badminton Beach Soccer Boxing
Cricket Table Tennis Aussie Rules
Darts MMA Pesapallo
Ice Hockey Esport LOL Esport Counter Strike
When you are printing matches using Standard Print, you will not just get a general fixture list, you will get something which is specific because you will create a filter of exactly what you want to appear on your sheet. After selecting the sport of your choice, you must indicate the following;
Select the date of the fixtures
Select at least one tournament to proceed to odds selection
Select at least one odd to print
Please note that you can customise the fixture to appear the exact way you want it to and you can sort in in a number of ways namely;
Group By (Event/Date)
Odds Selection (Custom/Groups)
Page Layout (Landscape/Portrait)
Font Size (Small/Normal/Large)
Print Logo (No Logo/Every Page/First Page Only)