Football Pools Jackpot 12 Predictions

The Football Pool’s Jackpot 12 is a 12-fixture predictor game which features soccer matches from some of the popular European Leagues like the Premier League, the Championship, the Scottish Premier League, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga
Playing the Jackpot 12 is very easy, you simply have to correctly predict all the 12 preselected matches using the three popular betting markets, that is, home win, draw or away win. You will win the jackpot for correctly predicting all the 12 matches and the good part is that the Jackpot 12 play cost just 50p per play.
Selecting the outcomes of just 12 matches will give you a single line in the pool but if you want to enhance your chances of winning, you have to select more than one outcome in each match in order to get more lines in the pool. The pool will be open for betting until the earliest kick-off time on that day and once all the matches have been completed, the one with 12 correct results will win the pool, or a share of the pool in the event that there are multiple winners.
If there is no winner with 12 correctly predicted Results the Prize fund will be rolled over to the next Game for an even bigger jackpot prize