Mauritius Lotto Predictions

The Mauritius Lotto is the national lottery in Mauritius which is operated by Lottotech Ltd since November 2009 after it was given the license to operate by the Gambling Regulatory Authority. Ever since the lottery was launched, it has created so much interest among the Mauritian population and a lot of people have won amazing jackpot prizes. The good thing about this lottery is that you do not only win money for hitting the jackpot, but there are a total of four prize categories for correctly predicting three, four, five and six numbers. The Mauritius Lotto is a single set game which means that there is no bonus ball. One of the main reasons why the lotto is loved is that the odds of winning are quite favourable as it uses the matrix 6/40.  
How do you play the Mauritius Lotto?
Playing the Mauritius Lotto is quite easy, you must simply choose 6 numbers from 1-40 and if your selected numbers match the drawn ones, you will be the jackpot winner. When participating in the Mauritius Lotto 6/40, you can choose the numbers by either selecting your own numbers or by choosing the “Quick Pick” option for random selections. Please note that you can win for correctly predicting a minimum of three numbers.
When are the Mauritius Lotto draws conducted?
The Mauritius lotto has a single drawing which is held once a week on Saturdays at 17h00 with the results getting published at 19h30 on the same night.
Who can bet on the Mauritius Lotto?
Anyone who wishes to bet on the Mauritius Lotto can do so using numerous bookmakers or online lottery agencies around the world but please note that you will be betting on it as lucky numbers. 
What are the odds of winning the Mauritius Lotto?
The Mauritius Lotto is a winnable lotto because the odds of winning the Mauritius Lotto jackpot are 1 in 3,838,380, these odds are great when compared to many other lotteries around the world.