Rwanda Betting Sites

Rwanda as a nation is experiencing a period of immense economic growth and stability after several years of war and unrest. The betting industry is also growing immensely and this can be seen by several bookmakers which are operating both land based and online platforms. The gaming industry in Rwanda is well-regulated with a clear set of laws. Gaming operations and activities in Rwanda are regulated by the Law governing gaming activities. The body that governs and regulates gaming activities in Rwanda is the Ministry of Trade and Industry which over sees all gaming operations.

There are several forms of betting in Rwanda at the moment namely Bingo, Lottery, Poker, Casino and Sports betting, but sports betting is by far the most popular betting product especially soccer betting as punters in Rwanda enjoy betting on the outcome of football matches from domestic competitions as well as games from the top leagues around the world. Initially, sports betting was only available offline whereby punters had to visit the betting outlet to place bets, however online gambling has now been legalised in Rwanda and the government has issued several licenses to online gambling operators like Premierbet, Forzzabet and several others.
The availability of internet in Rwanda has now enabled more bookmakers to operate online betting platforms because punters can now place bets online since they have access to the internet and devices which connect to the internet. Below are summaries of some of the online bookmakers which are operating legally in Rwanda. Take a look at Premier Bet Zone

Fortebet Rwanda

Fortebet is a popular bookmaker from Rwanda which was launched in the year 2014 and is focused on a number of betting products like sports, virtual sports and Keno.The bookmaker operates legally in Rwanda as it is licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry for sport betting in Rwanda. What makes the bookmaker so popular is the fact that it offers its clients with very high odds which are very competitive in the Rwanda betting industry, and the betting markets on all their products are many. Besides the sense of security that is brought about by the fact that the Fortebet is licensed, the bookmaker’s technology centre is based in Europe and this ensures that the computer systems and data are carefully protected and punters are guaranteed maximum security when they bet with Fortebet. The bookmaker operates both an online and offline service as they have a number of branches in Rwanda, and what this basically means is that you can bet on this platform from any geographical location.

Lucky Bets Rwanda

Lucky Bets is a bookmaker which operates legally in Rwanda and it offers quite a number of betting products to its punters. The bookmaker offers both an online and offline betting service which means that punters can either bet online or offline as they are able to place bets in the physical shops spread al over Rwanda. Lucky Bets is a very popular bookmaker in Rwanda because it offers several betting products like Sports, In Play, Spin&Win, Jackpot and Keno. Lucky Bets is a serious bookmaker because it provides 24/7 betting availability which means that punters can place their bets at any time of the day, which is very convenient. Lucky Bets customers have a lot to bet on because the bookmaker accepts bets on all major and most minor leagues, cups and tournaments on various sports and events throughout the world.

Forzza Bet Rwanda

Forzza Bet is a very popular bookmaker in Rwanda offering sports betting to its customers. At the moment the bookmaker is offering betting only on their online platform and it remains to be seen if the bookmaker will offer retail betting in future. The bookmaker operates legally in Rwanda and it offers quite a number of betting products like Sports, Casino, Games and Virtual games amongst other betting products. The sports betting section is impressive because the bookmaker offers more than 25 sports including football, basketball, cricket and volleyball. Live betting is also available on the platform so if you miss out on a match before it starts, you can still bet on it because of live betting. The Forzza website is available in a total of 8 languages and this is very important as it makes the website suitable for all the punters in Rwanda.

Premierbet Rwanda

Premierbet is one of Africa’s betting success stories because this is a purely African bookmaker which was formed in Nigeria as Ogabet, and is gradually taking over Africa as it is now available in several African countries. Premierbet operates legally in Rwanda where it has become the punters’ favourite bookmaker because it offers so much more to its punters. Premier Bet offers its customers with a wide range of bettig products on its platform namely sports, virtual sports, jackpots, super 6 and more. Not only are there several products to bet on, there are also several betting markets on every betting product on this platform, and this of course translate to several betting opportunities. Premierbet Rwanda has several betting outlets all over Rwanda and punters can just walk in and place their bets with the help of the Premier Bet representatives. The bookmaker has a great online platform which makes it very easy for punters to bet on the go or in the comfort of their own homes.

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