Free to Play Betting Games in the UK

888sport Up For 8 Game

There are a host of major players in the online sports betting industry, particularly in the UK and US, and 888 is one of the most well-known brands in the gaming industry.

888sport are one of the biggest household names in both the European and American markets and boast a wide range of gaming opportunities, including an array of promotions, giveaways and free bet options.

The 888sport site offers a weekly promotion named “888 up for 8” and this provides punters with chances to win up to 8000 pounds. This is a free to play game, with players having to select from eight scheduled fixtures and predict the outcome of these contests. The free game is a traditional 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) pool. Select the 8 correct outcomes and win 8000 quid. It’s as simple as counting to eight.

This free game is open to all 888 account holders as well as newcomers to the platform. The game is not just for the starry eyed and for every correct outcome out of the eight weekly games a player will earn a free bet to the value of 1 pound. Essentially three correct picks out of 8 will earn the punter 3 pounds in free bets.

The funds will be transferred to the player’s bet account. This sports predictor free game combines skill, luck and best of all, the chance to win free bets every week. Most games will be taken from EPL, but some can come from UEFA Champions League and FA Cup.

According to the site the bets are genuinely free to play, as a player does not need to deposit, bet or even have a positive balance.

Betfair Freeplay 6

There are substantial win-opportunities to Betfair punters, especially with their Betfair FreePlay 6 competition.

According to the Betfair site, and based on research of the market, this football predictor game is touted as the biggest in the UK, and with one million British pounds at stake, it certainly could be life changing.

The freeplay 6 offers a guaranteed weekly jackpot of a million quid, and there are tips and predictions available on the main site. Punters must be signed up members to play, and apart form the bonanza first prize there is leg-to-leg wins for this football-pool like game.

Betfair is without a doubt one of the industry movers and shakers and with a large pot available certainly one of the more attractive free play options.

Coral Correct 4

Coral is one of the most well-known platforms and offers straight-forward correct 4 game, with players having to pick the outcomes of four games to win a 50 British pound prize, regardless of how many people share the correct predictions. This is a decent top-up for any Coral member, and the 4 featured games is not as hard as many other football pool games on the market.

There is a clutch of betting sites that offer soccer free play jackpots, the key difference being the Coral Correct 4 only takes up a handful of contests each week with a small cash prize awaiting punters.

Correct 4 is available for newcomers or existing players on Coral. There are consolation prizes on offer for picking up three of four results, with a two British pound free bet.

Two missed prediction earns a 1 pound free bet, so the opportunity to keep playing with free money is real. No deposit, or betting activity does not preclude any members from playing this neat feature.

The free bets are given within 24 hours of the last match and are valid for seven days.

Free tokens are issued within 24 hours of the match finishing and remain valid for 7 days to be used on any single sports markets.  Cash winnings, stake not returned. The outcomes are not just the 1×2 (home win, draw or away win) format and can comprise btts, winning margin, number of corners and shots on target.

The Coral 4 is a quick and easy free play game and will keep punters coming back to the platform for the opportunity to pick up free cash each week. Only one entry per seven days is allotted.

Grosvenor Goals Free Game

Grosvenor is a large online betting site and their new game “Grosvenor Goals” offers punters the opportunity to win a life altering 1 million pounds. The punter must predict the first goal-scorer in 10 listed football games to win the grand prize. According to many professional statisticians the odds of selecting 10 first scorers sits at around 26 million to one (roughly the same as the national lottery) and a punter will need a huge slice of luck to go with a keen understanding of the game.

The free pick game can be found here.

The service providers have not been entirely cruel and offer a range of other win opportunities through this feature. If a punter correctly predicts 10 goal scorers (no matter the order) from the selected games, they will win 10 000 quid.

This is still a tough ask. A better and more realistic winning option offered by the platfrom is the ‘Geoff Hurst picks’, also a feature of the same game, with a punter needing only predict three of the 10 goal scorers. The player will pick up 10 pounds in the form of a bonus bet prize.

The Geoff Hurst aspect is the former football legend makes 10 picks and if the World Cup winner correctly predicts 4 of the 10 every participating player of this game will earn 10 quid.

This means punters who sign up for the site and enter this free bet game, do not have to rely on their own predictions to make a bit of money, but can let an expert try his hand for them.

This unique marketing and promo activity make this feature so appealing and broad-based. A punter must log on to their account and submit their Grosvenor Goals pick for the week. Doing this will also qualify the punter for a Poker Free roll (250 pounds in cash and a 250 quid free bet). To play a punter will receive the week’s exclusive password via SMS or e-mail by Monday 7 pm (UK time), and once account confirmation has been confirmed, they must make their picks by Monday 8pm.

Punters can play this game on mobile/table/web.

The game is fun, there is a million pounds at stake, and there is a free poker hand thrown in – all in all a good effort from the team at Grosvenor.

ITV Racing Pick 7

There are countless features and promotional activities at all the leading bookmakers and the ITV 7 is a free play game, offered by ITV on collaboration with Sky Bet.

The game is like the Skybet super six football jackpot but is centred around horse racing but differs from the pool jackpot (weekly) with daily chances to win 1000 pounds ta the very least.

This competition is focused on the ponies, with players having to select results from 7 featured races. There are expert tips and predictions on the main web and mobile sites.

Apart from the daily 1000 quid prize there is a jackpot where a punter can win a colossal 250 000 British pounds. This is based on a roll-over accumulated basis. The jackpot is available for special races like the Royal Ascot. This free play game offers huge rewards for picking seven winners.

The tournament is offered in the UK, Channel Island and the Isle of Man, and punters must be signed up members of Sky Bet to qualify. The player can follow the terms, conditions and tournament entry at the Sky Bet or ITV 7 web or mobi site. Simply click on the log in section in the top right of the landing page, go to the racing pick 7, and click on enter now tab. There is a list of horse races, odds and trainers’ names to help with form, guide and pedigree. Punters must get their free play bet in before the start of the first race for the day.

Ladbrokes 1 2 Free Game

Ladbrokes is arguably in the top five in the UK and offer a large bet-market and a host of promotional giveaways including a free play mobile promo for punters with a keen interest in weekly football results. The Ladbrokes 1-2 free game is straight-forward, simple-to-play and punters need only pick the final (correct score) of three featured matches (normally EPL, FA, Champions League and League Cup). This game is only featured on the Ladbrokes mobile app. To qualify a punter must enter their predictions before kick-off the first fixture. Any player who accurately predicts the outcome of three matches will instantly earn 100 British pounds, which is not bad for a free predictor feature.

There is a consolation prize for two of three picks, with the punter in line to win a free bet worth 5 British pounds. There is even a chance to pick up one quid for predicting one of three results. The only downside is that this game is offered exclusively for the site’s app. The upside is that three correct picks a week can see the punter earning a tidy sum, and chances to turn the 100 pounds into something substantially larger.

Ladbrokes is a key player in the market and is turning to their app store game to turn heads.

Mansionbet Cherries Champions

The online sports betting industry is so large in the UK that some platforms offer games for sets of fans of one club, and such is the demand that even a side like Bournemouth have a dedicated game.

AFC Bournemouth supporters can win the Mansion Cherries Champions giveaway throughout the EPL season, with club partners/sponsors Mansion Bet.

The punter can win match tickets, replicas, signed memorabilia, hospitality packages, VIP suites and more. To win the main prizes a player must predict correct scores and first goal scorer for all Bournemouth matches, EPL or cup competitions.

The game is free to play, and is a season long competition, with a leader board indicating where a punter stands throughout the campaign.

This is a special club-specific competition and the tens of thousands of Bournemouth supporters enjoy the gameplay, prizes and leader board format.

Mansion Bet is big enough to offer this free play feature exclusively to fans of the Cherries.

Paddy Power Beat the Drop

One of the standout promotional features Paddy power offers is a unique giveaway called ‘Beat the Drop’, which is a game based on a popular television quiz-like series.

The gameplay is like the television show ‘100kdrop’ but offers the punters a chance to win 1 million pounds depending on a set amount of questions related – all related to football betting.

The punter is given a set amount to start off with (the pot) and this can reach 1 million pounds depending on bet stake. To qualify to win the million a player must stake a 250 pound bet and answer 16 questions. The questions are not so much football knowledge and are more akin to actual wagering bet-markets. The first month of gameplay is free to Paddy Powers members, and terms and conditions apply.

The essence of the game is for the player to keep the pot (depending on stake amount). The more questions the player gets wrong, the less the win-amount.

After the free month, there are five stake options, ranging from two British pounds to 50 quid, and players can set the amount of questions. This is like a multi-bet jackpot, as all questions will be football related, for example Liverpool to win first half/second half by 2.5 against Man City.

This new format is loads of fun, unique, innovative and with huge potential upside, typical of a Paddy Power product in general.

The game can be found on the paddy powers sports betting website, and by clicking on the link on the main landing page, the punter can learn more about the game, and enter a stake and set of questions to try win the million. The p[layer gets to choose the amount of questions – like a accumulator bet, with the pot amount staying at the max pay-out as the players keeps predicting accurate results.

The lowest prize on offer is seven British pounds (answering two correct questions).

The beat the drop game is a football jackpot, but in reverse order – the player has the prize in sight and can cash out at any time.

The max bet is 250 quid, and the stake is then depending on number of questions to be answered, any money left in pot at time of cashing out is up for grabs. The cash will be credited to the account. Tickets are valid for 60 days from the time the player answers the last question. An example as given by the site is that if the time runs out and an answer is not completed the player will win 25 pounds out of a 100 pound pot.

The first time a new player or existing member plays will be a 30-day free game. A player can only enter one ‘game’ at a time.

Overall, this predictor game is interesting, but is still a tough statistical challenge and is like a typical football pools pay out.

Paddy Power Hit The Spot

Paddy Power is one of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom, and they have always been known as one of the most innovative online sports betting sites in the world.

The Irish bookmakers have launched a new free bet game called Hit the Spot,

The game is a mix of play station and virtual football with punters having to hit a spot from 10 scoring positions. This will result in the accumulation of point, with a weekly leader board. A punter must plat a minimum of 10 rounds per day over a week period to qualify for the main prizes, with a max pay out of 150 pounds.

There are pay-outs for players that finish in the first 1000 positions, with the overall winner picking up one grand, and the player who finishes bottom of the leader board scoring 1 pound.

Paddy Power have increased the enjoyment and difficulty rating by adding in defenders, a goalkeeper and a wind barometer, all elements the punter must brace to bag as many points as possible. A punter will earn for example five points for a good shot and two points for a poor effort.

This is one of the few online sports betting products where an element of skill is needed, and that is why this product has a play station-like feel. The winnings are made up of a pool of 1000 pounds and are paid out in free bets, so a player who wins 100 pounds can have a flutter with that same amount on their Paddy Power account.

Prizes will be allocated by noon on the Monday after the weekly round of action has finished. The leader board is updated by 6 am every day, and free bets are valid for 14 days. A punter must log in to their Paddy Power betting accounts to play and will even be given a few practise rounds to get the hang of the gameplay. The practise rounds are just a means to get familiar with the control features and the kicks get progressively more difficult in the competition proper.

The Paddy Power hit the spot game is currently available and is well worth a try, if not for the free bets and money then for the sheer fun of it … winning always helps though.

Skybet Super 6 Tips

Skybet is one of the most well-established sports betting platforms and offers a substantial sportsbook as well as a variety of promotions, giveaways and free bets.

Skybet is popular across all multi-media channels and continues to exert a strong influence on the marketplace.

The site offers a free game feature called the Soccer Saturday Super 6.

The gameplay is as basic as it gets, and is essentially a football pool-like feature, with the punter having to predict the six correct score for the half a dozen selected matches each Saturday.

The grand prize for correctly picking all six correct outcomes is a staggering, and life altering 250 000 British pounds. There is a consolation prize if the jackpot has not been won, with the player with the most correct scores will earn 5000 pounds. So even if someone only predicts the outcome of two games, and np other player has done the same, then they can walk away 5000 quid richer. If two players finish on the same points (points are awarded for closeness of eventual results) then the Golden Goal prediction format will be used. This is the actual closest time of the first goal.

This prize is awarded to the player (other than any winner of the Jackpot Competition) who scores the highest number of points in a Super 6 week. … If two or more players have the same number of points, the winner will be the player whose Golden Goal predictions is closest to the actual time of the first goal.

Unibet Premier League Predictor

Unibet is one of the most well-known UK brands on the market and they are providing punters with a chance to win with a free bet predictor game. The game is for the Premier League darts matches, and players must make six picks to win a weekly prize of 50 British pounds.

Punters that signed up at the start of the 2019/20 campaign can stand a chance to win GBP 50 000.

Players can join the league at any time, but will struggle to catch up to the leaders, but if they are lucky, and smart, they could climb their way up the leader-board, to stand in line to win the season ending bonanza.

There are not many darts free games and Unibet is one of the few in the UK that offer punters a chance to win weekly and season ending cash, as well as VIP packages to watch premier darts events.

Unibet U Goal Free Game

There have been a few hots and misses though, but generally the brand leaders are strong, and they must be innovative to survive. Unibet is a large platform that provides a large sportsbook, substantial bet-markets and a host of promotional giveaways, including ‘free bets’ predictor games.

The service provider offers the Unibet U-goal Predictor game, with the punter standing a chance to win the grand prize of £25,000. The gameplay is unique in that it only covers one football match. The aim of the game is to predict the first goal-scorer in the contest, as well as selecting the minute the goal is scored.

To take part in this exciting free game, go to the unibet site, locater the link that says ‘offers’ (found on the sportsbook section, log in and play.

The 25 000 quid will be shared if there are multiple winners, while there is no roll-over if no punter manages to predict the correct scorer and minute. There are many advantages to playing this game, notwithstanding the smarter odds. Assuming there are 26 potential goal scorers (including subs and minus keepers) and there is a goal in exactly 90 minutes (no injury time) there is a 1 in 26 chance of getting the first element correct (goal scorer). Add in the 1 in 90 chance of picking the minute and the odds are set at 2430/1. This is one of the best odds-on chances of winning a sizable pot for a free bet, and therefore the U goal is proving so popular with the punters.

This weekly competition does offer top-notch odds, simple gameplay and most important, it is free to unibet customers.

William Hill Lucky 7

William Hill has long been associated with running one of the biggest and best-paying sportsbooks in the country and over the decades have evolved into an online giant in the market.

The site runs a host of promotions, giveaways and free bet predictor games, including the William Hill Lucky 7.

This featured free predictor game is for horse racing and punters must select seven horse race winners on a Saturday afternoon to stand a chance to win 50 000 British pounds. To become part of this free bet game, join William Hill, open an account, do some form guide work, and the player can walk away with a sizeable sum – again for a free punt.

There is consolation prize for punters who don’t hit all seven correct results, with a 1000 quid prize for the player who comes closest. If there is only one punter who predicts 3 of 7 and no-one else has that amount, they will walk away a bit richer.

The competition runs weekly and covers prestigious evens such as the Royal Ascot, Cheltenham and many more.