Zambia Betting Sites

It seems every month there is a new betting site in Zambia. Below you will find the list of all betting sites in Zambia. Take a look at 10Bet Zambia and Bolabet Zambia.

Betpawa Zambia

Betpawa ZM has proved to be one of the most popular Zambia betting sites. does not live up to its name and is not powerful after all

The site is disappointing and lacklustre and based on its current performance will not entice new punters not is it likely to maintain a client base.

The layout is completely off kilter and does not make for a pleasant first impression and closer inspection of the operator leaves a hungry taste in the mouth.

The site does little to appease the appetite – with no promotions, heaps of empty space and a jackpot that is more rare than a Quagga in Antarctica.

The web page lighter than Pepsi Zero on a diet and offers so little bang for your buck.

There are no discernible redeeming features and the site does not even have a money exchange programme, with no institution available on the landing page for deposit and withdraw purposes. Zambian bet-makers will have to research the bank provider and this will chase more punters to more accessible competitors.

The basic tenets of an online sports betting site are missing … to borrow a line from Monty Python: “they are bereft of life, they are deceased … they cease to exist”.

I always look for a silver lining in every cloud but betpawa make it harder than looking for a piece of hay in a large pile of knitting needles.

The banners are not aligned, the bet odds are not favourable to the punters and it is only right at the bottom of the page that options for different sports are mentioned.

Punters are advised to steer clear of this site as there are so many better operators in Zambia. The site developers will need a serious injection of marketing, promotions, site layout and a redesign of the whole format.

You get what you pay for in life, and this looks like it was done on WordPress for Beginners.

There is a promotion advertised with multi combo bets increasing the winnings by incremental amounts, but this is more a by-product than a serious offer.

The reason I am scathing is that the developers must wake up and realize they are in competition with serious companies, with virtual play and live betting and so much more.

A review is not just for punters, but betting operators must learn from advice, or from the truth!

Betpawa Zambia jackpot

Betpawa has reached out into the Zambian online sports betting market and the international brand is offering punters a terrific opportunity to win substantial jackpot earnings.

The betpawa Zambia site offers a weekly jackpot, played over 13 leagues. The site has also launched a mega jackpot game called the ‘Em pawa Africa Jackpot’ with this football pools-game being played over 17 contests.

The weekly jackpot winnings are set and do not accumulate, should no punter with the previous edition.

The minimum stake to enter the weekly jackpot is 1 Kwacha – while the maximum pay-out is K100 00.

The Africa Jackpot (Em pawa) offers a win ten times larger with a potential winner earning a cool million Kwacha.

Punters who miss out on a leg, or more, can still earn winnings with the weekly jackpot paying – in decreasing amounts – for 12 correct predictions all the way down to nine correct of the 13 legs.

The Africa jackpot offers similar sequences, with 16 to 13 correct picks all picking up earnings.

The betpawa Zambian football jackpots do not seem to offer many matches from the big European leagues, apart from the Serie A and La Liga. There does not appear to be any English Premiership matches in the last five jackpots and this is strange given the predilection for African online bet sites to include all EPL action.

There are many matches from the Swiss, Russian and German lower division leagues, and this detracts somewhat from the jackpot, as the EPL is the most watched league in the world.

Betarena Zambia

Betarena is a relative newcomer to the online sports betting industry in Zambia but could provide a tonic to a saturated market with a massive bet-market, including all the razzmatazz expected of a leading operator.

Betarena offers not only sports betting and the relevant bet-markets but also boasts a lotto, three casino features, virtual play and live in-game betting.

This covers the board with regard to punting needs and is a one-stop shop to all sorts of gaming delights.

Importantly, the site offers a variety of promotions including a 50% welcome bonus, with a minimum of 500 kwacha.

This bonus is only available for cash deposits at one of the operator’s physical shops, and not through debit or credit card. There are also the standard terms and conditions regarding this promo, including the need for the punter to place a minimum of 10 bets to be eligible to draw the funds. There is also a 90 waiting period, where if the required bets are not made the bonus will be taken off the balance.

The site also offers a feature called ‘the one-loser bonus’ and this means punters must not throw away a losing bet-slip as winnings can be earned if one leg is out.

Betarena also offers a percentage accumulator winning bonus, for bets above 4 legs, with the incremental increase of percentage bonus wins escalating as the amount of bets on various contests increase.

The maximum win-percentage earnable is 45% on top of original earnings.

According to the landing page the site offers Airtel as a means of payment to place bets, while cash deposits can be made at any of betarena’s physical shops.

The terms and conditions, statistics centre, live score centre and an in-running diary os offered right at the bottom of the landing page (in small font).

Most of the landing page is made up of various sporting encounters across the board, with the day’s events offered at a variety of odds.

The football for example will show a bet-market consisting of a home win, draw or away win.

The punter can access the full spectrum of the bet market by looking at the match in question and looking on the right hand side of the encounter. There will be a small icon that states how many bet-types are on offer for the game.

Most football matches offer 53 different types of bets, with the likes of over/under, handicap, both teams to score, half-time/full-time, total goals and many more.

The site in general is very short of banners and images but heavy on information like bet-markets and fixtures.

The bet slip can be easily spotted, at the top right hand corner of the page.

Betarena offers live horse-racing and dog racing from across the globe, and a punter need only click on the link and all the day’s meets, races and odds will come up. The simplicity of being connected to the exhilarating world of racing is at the touch of a button. The UK bet and horse markets are predominately used and provide some of the finest racing in the world with regard to betting.

The site offers two links to virtual play, with one dedicated to virtual racing (dog and horse) and another to sports like football, basketball and tennis.

The graphics are decent, if a little small but once again this is allayed by the host of bet-information available and a variety of markets.

Virtual Play is an essential weapon in the armour of a leading sports betting site and betarena has this feature covered in terms of usage and variety of bet-options.

The lotto link offered is top quality with lunch-timer and tea-time draws of the most popular. The site pays as much as 4001 x the stake for picking four correct numbers (1-49 balls available).

The bet-slip for the lotto is simplicity personified and playing this thrilling game is literally a click away.

On the casino side, there are live card and roulette games taking place at any time of the day, while there are an abundance of slots and other bet-games to while away time and earn some cash as well.

The one disadvantage to this site is the lack of a football jackpot. The football pools is a popular way of placing small bets on the results of many games and earning a substantial pay day.

The lack of a jackpot counts against betarena but there is so much bet-opportunities on offer that a punter will ostensibly not be worried about this deficiency due to the vast variety of bet-markets on show. There are ample opportunities to win life-changing amounts on the lotto but this is predicated on the amount staked. But a 500 kwacha bet times 4001 odds is not a bad earner.

The betarena mobi-site is especially impressive and the graphics and lay-out complement the intentions of the operator when it comes to smoothness and ease of use. This site almost seems ready made for mobile phones, and while it is not as information rich as the website, it packs a punch.

All being said and written betarena is a welcome addition to the Zambian betting industry in that it offers the full gamut of promotions, virtual play and sports betting (not to mention lotto).

This is a site worth visiting for newcomers or seasoned punters alike.

GSB Zambia

GSB has a ubiquitous presence across Africa and the online sports betting phenomenon just keeps growing, with the Zambian version another example of solid coverage of the field.

GSB has a ubiquitous presence across Africa and the online sports betting phenomenon just keeps growing, with the Zambian version another example of solid coverage of the field.

One of the serious glitches is the absence of virtual play and while this is regrettable, the rest of the site operates smoothly.

They make up for the absence of virtual games with the addition of a spin and win roulette function and also offer a substantial jackpot. The spin&win is a unique feature and together with a neatly presented overall package the site scores relatively high in a competitive marketplace.

The other glaring issue is the void left by the offering of promotions, with the operator glaringly non-existent in this department.

There are a few online sites that do not offer a promo feature and this affects new business and loyalty programmes for dedicated fans of the establishment.

Promotions are a serious incentive for many punters and gsb will have to up their game in this department. There is a heading (bottom left of page) that offers bonuses but sadly the information is missing.

The deposit and withdrawal is done through MTN Mobile money and the explanation diagrams for using this facility are spelt out, ensuring a simple yet effective means to play.

There are six other options, with major banking institutions like Visa and Skrill among a host of options.

To join the site is a breeze, while the usability, detailed information and key facets like legislation and terms and conditions, prove how professional and well-run the operator handles business.

The site offers a strong social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and an Apple I-Store all featuring prominently.

There are 741 active markets available and in peak season this will increase, proving there is a place in the sun for

The live in-play betting is impressive and covers a range of football matches. Live betting is a standard trend yet gsb seem to have produced a decent effort in this regard.

The site has a redeeming quality in substance by offering the popular keno game, while most sporting codes are available.

The lack of virtual play is the game-breaker in my opinion as the game-play is growing increasingly widespread and competitors will not want to see gsb get into that facet of online betting.

Virtual play and promotions are the only platforms missing from the Zambian site, and without the pair, the project will not grow and that is disappointing.

Solidity and a brand name are the catchphrases when describing the site but while I may harp on about virtual gaming, the advent of the new technology means businesses will have to expand existing work models.

Africabet Zambia

The site boasts a wide array of sports and importantly bet options within each contest. The site has cleverly shored up the entire right flank of the landing page with banner explanations of how to bet on a football match including, first team to score, score at half-time and many others.

There is a lot to like about the site with both a local flavour and an international quality platform.

The site boasts a wide array of sports and importantly bet options within each contest. The site has cleverly shored up the entire right flank of the landing page with banner explanations of how to bet on a football match including, first team to score, score at half-time and many others.

This is unique in that it shows the punter the bet-options in a way that looks exciting. The good use of this method means these popular bet-types will get more traffic. has one of the most realistic-looking virtual play settings and has computer generated action to go with pre-recorded games.

This feature is of the highest quality and even uses real teams like Arsenal and Manchester City and for a second it looks as if a real march is being played. The audio and visual qualities of this virtual play are of the best in the world.

The punter will get absorbed in the near perfect virtual games and some sports lovers will even watch a game for the love of the game.

The site has a hyperlink to African sports giant SuperSport, with all the relevant news, views and tips from across the world. The SuperSport site is one of the biggest contributors to African sports and this link (under news icon) is an innovation that can only benefit the punter.

The site offers all the amenities with regard to withdrawal, deposit and other assistance and help information and has an active social media presence.

Importantly, the site has four promotions running at the moment and this is terrifi9c news for novices and serious punters alike.

The promotions include an open account offer, a refer bonus, money refund and money back offer.

The site offers a ‘Big Money Jackpot’ and a Daily Big Winners ranging from 2 legs right up to 10 legs. This means a multi combo bet between 2 and 10 winners with odds being adjusted accordingly.

The landing site has a how to open an account video but also no mention of which business bank institution to use for deposit and withdrawal.

This is a setback for punters as one would have to research which mobile money operators can be used for this site.

One of the massive plusses regarding the site is the sporting odds offered and by studying some of the games it looks like Africabet offers some of the most competitive and winning bet chances.

For example they have Porto at home against Monaco in the UEFA Champions League – with a drawn result offered at 5.5/1. That is a bet I would take.

The site also enjoys punting American Football, Baseball and Basketball and presents bettors with an opportunity to take part in a cross variety of sports and different bet and win options.

Africabet is one of the best sites I have reviewed in Zambia and rivals most online sports betting operators in Africa at present.

This is one of the hardest sites to review as there is not much wrong with it, and I could extoll their virtues for ages. In short, join this site – if only for the magnificent virtual play – trust me it is worth a look.

M-Bet Zambia is a purely football related online betting site and it focuses purely on the Beautiful Game.

Bolobet Zambia

This site tries hard to be different and it succeeds as nothing it quite as it seems. The landing page looks completely at odds with the standardized format but this is not necessarily a bad marketing strategy.

This site tries hard to be different and it succeeds as nothing it quite as it seems. The landing page looks completely at odds with the standardized format but this is not necessarily a bad marketing strategy.

The look and feel of a site is important but there are many other extenuating circumstances and Bolabet tries hard to please the punter while portraying an original lay-out.

The landing page is hard to describe given its unique nature with the headings in an unnatural looking position. They are not easily identifiabler or explanatory enough but once you click on them the information gleaned is topo-notch.

For instance the promotions. The site does not nmake a big song and dance about their amazing promos and they are tucked away. A punter must navigate their way to find the giveaways and promotions.

They first have to go to the information icon, click, and only get to the promos then. Once they are there the vital information is written in small font and is almost hiding.

Promotuions should be on the landing page and be visual, bold and a selling point to the site.

Most punters will not go to the information page to access these marketing aids as the info segment is usually reserved for disclaimers and FAQ’s etc.

The bonus offers are pretty darn impressive. There is a multi-bet earn-increase bonus feature. This means that for every bet over four events there is an exponential bonus win.

The site offers both a Happy Hour promo and a Happy Day bonus and this is original and not utilised by most competitors. If a punter wins in the Happy Hour or on happy day there is an automatic 5% increase in winnings.

There is also a cash back feature which allows a punter to retrieve money of one outcome did not materialize. This is for multi-bets over the minimum threshold.

On face value this site is exclusively used to bet on football and this in itself is an oddity. But the market for this sport is so encompassing that they have decided to back the favourite all the way to the bank.

Bolabet is so graphic shy it could have an anxiety disorder – with not one picture on show. The site is all words, some of it too wordy. Clicking on the various headings is an information overload for reading averse punters. The developers have felt the need to explain everything in detail rather than let graphics and catchy advertising slogans draw in the crowd.

This is a disadvantage as punters do not want to read a sportsbook – they want instant reward. There is no chance of this with regard to virtual play as this feature is conspicuously absent.

There is no information on which banking institutions a bet-maker can use to get onto the site. There is no disclaimer on the landing page, while contact details are scarcer than water in the Kalahari.

Lack of foresight, vital details and graphics are serious no-no’s in this industry and with all the no box ticked the negative result of this review is a No-brainer.

Other than the promotions, which are tucked away in the matrix of the site, there are no real redeeming features

Supabets zambia

The site stands out from the competition and boasts one of the most complete array of bet options, game-play and functionality.

Premierbet Zambia

The online sports betting site is impressive in its simplicity and boasts all the key attributes needed to provide an excellent platform for gamers.

The online sports betting site is impressive in its simplicity and boasts all the key attributes needed to provide an excellent platform for gamers.

The design and lay-out is clean, well-toned and features a near perfect font-size ratio for easy reading.

This may not sound important but believe me, there are many clunky and cluttered sites on the market and a clean-cut approach to a visual experience provides a pleasant environment for bet-makers.

A downside is the lack of promotional giveaways – with the marketplace equally split in two segments – on one side regular new promos and the other of offering the bare minimum.

The discrepancy is important as it presents a marketing strategy and I personally feel that regular and consistent varied promotions will boost bet action.

Premierbet Zambia offers a decent bet platform but its lack of promotional giveaways detracts from the overall effect.

They are running a ‘Place 3 bets get one free’ bonus but there is no first time deposit giveaway. Many sites offer a at least a 100% money back promotion with some going up to 200% and this increases site traffic and eventual clients.

There is only one means of depositing with ‘Voucher’ standing alone as providing a means to get into the bet action. There is no M-pesa nor any other way to purchase credit to play.

The landing page does not have a disclaimer by a standardised regulatory body endorsing the business and this is a violation or a slip-up but one that needs urgent attention.

The site offers virtual play and this feature is well-presented, easy to use and boasts a large graphically enhancing screen.

The virtual play football format uses European national teams and player names are variation of actual stars, with Sergio Busquets becoming Busketts. This provides a more life-like quality to the games.

The punter can contact the site for support or information by e-mail or address only and this is a major difference in premier bet Zambia and all other online bet sites. There is no telephone number, WhatsApp or live chat feature.

Under their ‘contact us’ section a page pops up that is completely out of sync with all gamming sites and is very confusing.

The section looks like a job application landing page, with a segment to drop attachments, filling in details and adding a message.

This is the only way to contact the site and this is a significant setback for the developers. As a reviewer I have never seen such a lack of means to communicate with potential customers.

The site offers all the trappings of a serious online bet site but fails miserably in crucial departments. There is limited communications, only one means to bet, lack of promotions and no disclaimers and responsible gaming sign-offs.

To get virtual play and live betting proves the intent to build up a competitive operating mechanism but there are too many gaps and obstacles at present.

A click on their Facebook link takes the punter to a decent page, but the lack of followers (441) compared to major sites is an indication that their marketing strategy is failing. Most leading competition boasts 10k plus followers.

The site offers the full sporting experiences with bets available on almost all sporting codes across the world. This diversification is good from a punters point of view. There is no jackpot opportunity and this is unfortunate. Football does not feature as prominently as on others sites and this is in contrast to the market share out there at the moment.

Castlebet Zambia

The site evens offers a free football quiz, with punters earning from 100 to 500 kwacha by correctly getting answers correct. This is a nice touch, if very low paying.

The Zambian online sports betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds and the major competitors will have to look over their shoulders when it comes to relative newcomers like

The site offers a wide array of betting opportunities across the board with everything from live play, virtual play, casino, multi-faceted sports betting and more.

The site evens offers a free football quiz, with punters earning from 100 to 500 kwacha by correctly getting answers correct. This is a nice touch, if very low paying.

The site has a vast array of banking options for punters to play, and offers almost every service available in Zambia. They offer banking through Airtel, MTN, MTN Mobile Money, FNB Banking, FNB E-wallet, Zamtel and touch4pay.

A punter can also deposit cash into one of their many physical shops set open around the country.

The site looks extremely data enriched, with information exploding off the screen. The bet-markets on the landing page are unlike many others, in that there are so many bet-opportunities without having to go into another link.

The castlebet mobi-site is much neater, well-laid out and graphically superior. The landing page of the website looks like the New York Stock Exchange monitors – with vital info and win-opportunities spread across the entire format.

There are no banners or graphics to ease the sensory bombardment and perhaps the developers can look at some leading brands to try get a sense of balance.

This is not a site for a newcomer as the markets such as handicap, over/under and more will be overwhelming at first glance. Again, the mobi-site looks the better option for punters new to the game.

The site offers bets on almost every sporting code imaginable with the likes of Alpine skiing, freestyle wrestling and surfing all covered.

This presents a logistical nightmare for the developers and they will do well to trim the hedges to more manageable and realistic proportions. The vast majority of punters in Zambia bet on football, virtual play and the casino and to search for fixtures, post results and work out odds on alpine skiing for example seems a waste of time and resources.

The layout of the website is also not user friendly and it is not possible to scroll down the site in its entirety. To scroll down a user must pick a column of spate data and scroll down.

This is not a user-friendly site and one gets the distinct impression this platform is almost exclusively meant for mobile phone users.

The contrast between the lay-out, colours, usability and more between the two platforms is stark. The web version is not an easy-to-use vehicle.

According to both platforms there are no promotions on offer and this is inexcusable at this level, and the operators will need to update their marketing strategy.

Almost all of the competitors offer welcome bonuses, accumulator bonus-features and cash back options.

Punters often go from site to site looking for great promotions and castlebet needs to attract newcomers and keep loyal subscribers happy, especially with the amount of software they have to maintain.

Another big disadvantage of is that it does not offer a football jackpot, nor a lotto-like feature and this takes out the chances of a bet-maker winning a life changing amount. This dream of winning enough to retire is what many punters play for, and is a necessity in this trade.

The site has a top mobile site, an app, many banking options and access to almost every banking institution in Zambia, but if it does not have a lottery or a jackpot then it will struggle.

Castlebet offers a decent virtual play and a large bet-market in this feature while the online casino boasts slots and card games.

On the sports betting front this is a rock solid platform with hundreds of bets on the market for each match, with over/under, handicap, both teams to score, first-half/second-half, total goals and many more options.

The platform offers an outstanding bookmaker service with almost every sport under the sun, and virtually every type of bet available on the market.

The mobi site is by far the best portal to use this operator, and even offers a cash-back promotion. The operator’s terms and conditions, FAQ’s, disclaimer and ‘how to play’ are vastly superior to the main website.

The main web page does not have links to terms and conditions, not has a visible disclaimer.

This looks like the horse comes behind the cart in that the mobile site is the future of the site and boasts a far superior service. This is probably by design, and the business owners feel the mobile phone market is the key to building a client base. There are invariably more mobile phone punters in Zambia than ones who use their laptops and in this regard the difference between the platforms make sense.

The lack of a jackpot, decent promotions, lottery and an easy-to-use website counts against castlebet and unless the operators can sort these issues out, they will struggle in a market dominated by the big players.

Betway Zambia is an extension of the broader Betway online sports betting global machine and the Zambian version offers more of the same world-class quality and game-play.

Betway Zambia is an extension of the broader Betway online sports betting global machine and the Zambian version offers more of the same world-class quality and game-play.

The Betway Zambian platform offers competitive odds, a wide range of betting opportunities and two jackpots, including the Colossus, which pays anywhere from 10 million Kwacha and above.

The jackpot amount accumulates each time it has not been won, and the bi-weekly football pools offer the punter a wonderful chance to earn substantial, potentially life-changing win.

The site offers a host of promotions, bet-markets, range of sports, sizable football jackpots and an online casino.

The site, both web and mobi, is consistent and of a high quality. The tabs are smartly places while the menus are easy to understand and use. The landing page and subsequent links are uncluttered and include the essentials needed by an online bookmaker – it is neither to flashy, nor image-heavy.

The jackpot is made up of the predominately big football leagues in Europe, like the EPL, La Liga and Serie A. The Zambian betway site offers live in-play betting and the markets here are well covered and comprehensive.

Betway Zambia boasts a host of featured games and promotions and these are in line with many of the top competitors in the region.

Currently the platform is running two major promotions, a welcome deposit bonus and a ‘pick first teams to score’ bonus.

The first time deposit bonus offers new customers a 50% extra cash reward for registration, with the maximum deposit being 1000 Kwacha as a free bet. To qualify the punter need only turn the bet over three times at odds of no lower than 3/1. Compared with many other sites this is a low turnaround threshold and at high odds, so it is favourable to the new client.

The second promo (four teams to score first) can earn a punter K100 000 and free bets do not count.

Depositing money into a betway Zambia account can be done through Airtel or MTN Mobile and the minimum deposit is K2 and the maximum is 10 000.

Withdrawal is also a simple process; a punter can go to landing page, click on ‘menu’ the ‘withdraw funds’ and follow the prompts.

There are two football jackpots on offer; a weekly pick 6 (pick home win, draw or away win from six fixtures) and a weekly Colossus (seven matches and exact scores and results to count).

The jackpot prize is K 2.5 million while the Colossus can reach 12.5 million.

The Betway Zambia casino games are varied and range from table games, video poker to a host of slot machines. The casino gameplay, graphics and look and feel are top quality.

Another exciting feature offered falls under the link ‘betgames’ on the main menu bar on the landing page. This is made up of lucky numbers, dice and wheels of fortune and draws are done every five minutes for each available game.

Betting Sites in Zambia with a Jackpot

Premierbet Zambia

The online bet scene in Zambia is on an upward trend with a host of well-established continental and local brand names making a play.

The competition is fierce and operators such as Premierbet zambia have really upped the ante. The site offers live betting, virtual play, an online casino, promotions and a substantial football jackpot.

The main landing page shows off all the amenities available on the platform including a large, colourful banner advertising a massive jackpot pool, with a pay out of 3 million kwachas. The ‘Football Jackpot King’ game is played over 18 legs.

There are consolation pay-outs for punters who accurately predict 17, 16 or 15 out of the 18 legs.   

The jackpot is a straight-up 1×2 format, meaning a punter must forecast whether the match will end in a home win, draw or away win. The matches are taken from the leading leagues in the world, including the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

Premierbet Zambia offers a wide bet-market and constant promotions and the substantial jackpot amount is a further recommendation for this above-average platform.

m-bet Zambia

There are a growing number of serious online sports betting operators providing top quality service in Zambia, and while the industry is still in a growth phase there are many platforms worth considering.

M-bet Zambia offers both a local and international feel, with the scope of the site not as advanced as many competitors. There is no online casino and no virtual play, but the operators do provide a football jackpot, which is always a plus when choosing an online sports betting company.

The football jackpot is not one of the largest paying in Zambia, with top prizes in the region of 130 000-250 000 kwachas. M-bet run a daily football jackpot called the Perfect 12 and it is a traditional 1×2 format. This means a punter must decide if the outcome of each of the scheduled fixtures will be a home win, draw or away win.

The Perfect 12 daily draw offers consolation prizes for punters correctly predicting 11, 10 or 9 results. The minimum jackpot deposit is 5 kwachas.

The matches are made up of leagues and tournaments across the globe including the EPL, Bundesliga, Lige 1, La Liga and Serie A.

Since there is a daily jackpot, there are contests taken from obscure leagues and competitions from around the globe.

The average pay-out for a punter who predicts 11 out of the 12 correct is between 3000 and 5000 kwachas, while 10 out of 12 will earn +-500 k and 9 picks will earn between 30-50 k.

betpawa Zambia

The Zambian online sports betting scene is growing, especially in the football jackpot market, and there are a host of local websites that provide massive win opportunities for the punters.

Betpawa Zambia is a functional looking site, with no virtual play nor online casino, yet it provides a decent bet-market and some of the best football jackpot play in the country.

There are two weekly jackpots including the empawa13 and the empawa17, both of each are of the traditional 1×2 variety. This means a punter must correctly select the outcomes of the matches by marking a home win, draw or away win on the bet slip.

The empawa13 is a 13-legged football jackpot with a prize of 100 000 kwachas on offer for correctly predicting all games correctly. The minimum bet is 1 kwacha. There are consolations prizes for 12, 11 and 10 correct picks.

The empawa17 is a 17-leg football jackpot, with a minimum bet of 1 kwacha and a maximum win of 1 million kwachas.

There are consolation prizes for 16, 15, 14 and 13 correct predictions.

The matches come from a host of international leagues but tend towards the more obscure than the major. There are only a few legs that come from one of the major European leagues while the rest come from lower division games from countries like Russia, Sweden and Germany.

This use of obscure teams makes the result so much harder to predict as not much information and variables can be found on some of these teams.

This could be why the major jackpot is not often landed, with 15 out of 17 considered a real win, with punters picking up in the region of 25 000 kwachas for thus result.

14 correct picks mean a win in the 1000-mark, while 13 right selections will earn about 35-50 kwachas.

All in all, the site offers plenty of jackpot play, and decent pay-outs but the difficulty of predicting 17 from 17 (from obscure leagues) makes this a tough sell.

Supabets Zambia

The online bet game in Zambia is growing at a rapid pace and the proliferation of football jackpot play is keeping match with the industry.

The platform is unpretentious and the sportsbook, bet markets and promotions are decent … yet it is the variety of the football jackpots that will bring the punters.

The platform offers a range of daily and weekly football jackpots, ranging from a soccer-4 (four-legs) jackpot all the way up to a soccer-13 pool.

The jackpot play is quite confusing for a complete newcomer, but essentially the soccer 4 is a four-legged affair with the punter having six options to choose from – for example Man City to win by 1 goal, or 2 goals or the match to be a 1-1 draw. So, a punter must choose from the six different outcomes for the four matches.

This is one of the toughest jackpots to hit, so the prize money is substantially higher.

The soccer-6, soccer-10 and soccer-13 football jackpots are all traditional 1×2 formats, whereby a punter must select if the contests will end in a home win, draw or away win.

There is almost 3 million kwachas up for grabs each day across all the different jackpots. Punters are paid out percentages of the net pool by the time the round of action starts.

Minimum bets differ ranging from 2 kwachas for soccer-4, soccer-10 and soccer-13.

The minimum bet for the soccer-6 is 6 kwachas.

The main landing page looks one-dimensional and almost amateurish but don’t be fooled, as the jackpot play is a unique experience, compared to many of the competitors in the country.

The gsb online sports betting brand is popular throughout Africa and is gaining traction in an increasingly competitive Zambian market.

GSB Zambia offer a wide range of betting amenities, bet markets and opportunities for punters to win substantial amounts of earnings.

The site offers a substantial bet-market, spin and win and keno while also providing punters with a sizable football jackpot opportunity.

The gsb Zambia team offer a 13-leg football jackpot with winnings sometimes topping the 1 million kwachas mark. This is an accumulative jackpot meaning that if no person hits it that week then it is rolled over.

The weekly jackpot is made up eclectically from leagues across the globe, and while it does not often feature the very top teams from Europe there is the odd EPL and French Lige 1 contest thrown into the mix.

This ostensibly makes it harder for the punter to catch all 13 predictions as researching Doncaster Rovers and Wycombe Wanderers may be slightly tougher.

The jackpot is a traditional 1×2 pool, meaning a player must decide whether each of the 13 outcomes will end in a home win, draw or away win.

The jackpot can be found on the main menu directory on the landing page and clicking on the link will open a fixture list with all the odds of each contest shown in bold.

There is no discernible minimum stake evident on the landing page or the jackpot link. There is also no information in this regard to be found on the site’s terms, conditions or betting rules.

The average minimum stake in Zambia hovers between 2 to 5 kwachas and there is no reason to believe the gsb one is any different.

The jackpot play is easy-to-use, accessible and can be enjoyed by newcomers as well as seasoned punters.

The in amount is sizable to get new and repeat consumers, with close to a million kwachas nothing to sneeze at, and as such this site is recommended just for the jackpot.

There are a myriad of online sports betting operators currently plying their trade in Zambia, with gaining a foothold in the competitive football jackpot marketplace.

The site is a veritable feast of football pool-play and caters almost exclusively to the soccer jackpot market.

This is not a typical online sportsbook and offers keno, roulette and more football jackpots that almost any platform in Africa.

There are six keno games, one roulette game, one lucky numbers feature and seven football pools. These vary from supasoka 1 all the way through to a 15-leg supasoka 15.

The portal offers a 15-leg, 10-leg, 5-leg, 4-leg, 3-leg, 2-leg and 1-leg jackpot.

The jackpot win-amounts are relatively small, especially with a hard-to-win jackpot like the supasoka 15, with 150 000 kwachas up for grabs. The lowest win-amount is for the 1 leg affair with punters standing a chance to scoop 5000 kwachas.

The essence of the site screams at the punter from landing on the main page and is structured purely around the jackpot and keno action. The menu directory is made up of three links, namely ‘how to bet’, ‘register’, and ‘log-in’.

That is how simple it is to get into the action.

The platform also offers a unique playing format with pointers able to choose any 15 fixtures out of 100’s, and simply add them to the bet slip. Unlike most other jackpots, where the operators select the scheduled games, supasoka allows the player to decide which games to add to their bet slips.

This makes the game easier as punters can select games that have plenty of bankers, meaning matches where the odds are skewed in their favour. Choosing Liverpool, Real Madrid, PSG and Juventus for example on one bet slip offers better chances.

All the jackpots are a traditional 1×2 (home win, draw or away win). Even the supasoka 1 is a stake on one game with the punter having to choose a 1×2 wager. These can also be selected from one of 100’s of games, but obviously here the odds play a major role in the amount to be earned.

According to the site’s terms and conditions there is no minimum deposit, but no mention is made of the minimum amount to be staked to compete in any of the jackpots, but this should hiver around the five to 10-kwacha amount.

Another advantage is that there are daily jackpots, to go with the weekend action.

EaziBet Zambia

EaziBet is one of the fastest growing online sports betting platforms in Africa and their Zambian portal, while relatively new to the landscape, offers a range of products.

The platform has a strong presence in neighbouring countries and ever since they entered the Zambian market, they have provided local punters with a wide range of markets, promotions and football jackpots.

The site offers three jackpots, with a super 13, super 10 and a daily 6.

The super 13 is a 13-legged weekly jackpot game normally reserved for the weekend action, while the 10-match super10 is normally played mid-week. The daily 6 is obviously a daily football pool.

There is also free bets that are allowed in the Neil Andrews correct score jackpot.

Other than this free bet pool, all other jackpots are in the traditional 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) format and is thus making it easy for newcomers and seasoned players to participate.

There is no mention of a minimum stake for jackpot play, but there is a mention that to qualify for the 1 million kwachas 13-legged prize, a minimum bet of 100 kwachas is needed. Bonus money cannot be used for jackpot play, meaning any welcome bonus amount can only be used for other sportsbook bet-markets.

Once these have been rolled over a certain amount of times and become eligible to withdraw, can jackpot bets be made using this method.

There are consolation prizes on the super 13 and super 10, with most jackpot amounts being calculated as an accumulated pool for each event.

The site also offers occasional free bets for their ‘normal’ jackpot play, but a minimum 5 kwachas deposit needs to be made to qualify for this bonus free wager.

Betway Zambia

Online sports betting is becoming big business in Zambia with many of the largest operators in Africa keen for a slice of the pie, and they don’t come much bigger than the betway portal.

Betway Zambia is one of the most well-known ands established betting operators on the continent and Zambian punters can rest assured the site will deliver on many key variables.

The site has one of the largest bet-markets, offers the popular betgames service as well as a lucky number feature, online casino, 4 to score and top-notch promotions, but their football jackpots are one of its most prominent features.

The site has added a pick 15 jackpot, which is a 15-legged traditional 1×2 football pool with a prize total running up to 4 million kwachas, making it arguably the richest jackpot in the country.

The portal allows for syndicate play, with a punter choosing to join a group of fellow bettors to split the cost of a jackpot that uses plenty of double chances increasing the chances of a win. A punter can buy a share and split the prize accordingly.

The pick 6 also has a substantial jackpot pay out, running into the 5 million range, but this is tough to predict as it is a correct score pool, with each contest having 17 possible outcomes. Syndicate play is also in use as double chances increase the opportunity to snap up the massive earnings.

Their 4 to score link is a separate jackpot with the punter having to predict which players will score first in four scheduled matches. Betway employs matches from all over the world, incorporating the biggest European leagues as well as more obscure competitions.

The pick 5 is a daily draw and takes the form of a 1×2 type and offers a prize ranging at the 50 000 kwachas mark.

The pick 15 is a bi-weekly draw (midweek and weekend) while the correct score pick6 is run every week.

There is no advertised minimum bet, not on landing page, jackpot link nor the platform’s terms and conditions. The T’s and C’s though careful explain how to bet, how to play syndicate wagering and how the pool monies are divided.

Betway offers one of the most gaming experience in Zambia with a substantial jackpot potential, top quality promotions and a range of products to while away the time before or after submitting football pool picks.

The site is highly recommended just for the huge win amounts of the jackpots.

There is a new player in the online sports betting market in Zambia with castlebet providing one of the more accomplished and varied sportsbook offerings in the country.

The site is one of the most comprehensive in the land, offering live play, slots, virtual games, tournaments and a world class set-up and graphical display main landing pages.

The platform offers a wide range of jackpots including a pick 3 all the way to a pick 15.

These jackpots can climb to a staggering first prize of 5 million kwachas, with the highest amounts reserved for the 15-legged jackpots and the pick 6 correct score pool.

The site makes use of syndicate betting should a punter want to share the cost of a large ticket, filled with double chances.

The syndicates are popular for the massive jackpots. There are smaller win-prizes for the more traditional 1×2 smaller pools.

The pick 15 is also of the 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) variety. The minimum stake is one kwacha, and goes up in increments to 2.50 k, 5k, and 10 k.

The matches are taken from all the top European leagues as well as obscure ones, especially in pre and off-season.

The pick 5 is a 1×2 jackpot but because of the relative nature of only picking five results the pay outs are in the 25 000-kwacha range.

The biggest amounts are for the weekly pick 6 correct score jackpots, with punters having the tough task of identifying half a dozen exact score results, and this means choosing from 17 different options per game. This is an extremely tough one to win and that is why the first prize is 5 million.

There are also pick 3 and pick 4 (rollover) correct score jackpots, with prize money ranging between 25 000 and 250 000 kwachas.

There are also over/under jackpots as well as btts (both teams to score) pools.

These btts jackpots range from 10 to 20 games, and while the pay-outs are not large (pick 20 1.2 million) there is a good chance to predict both teams to net a goal, as the nature of football is geared towards attacking play.

Overall, this is a recommended site available in Zambia, and their football jackpots are worth a visit.