BetGames Dice Duel Tips

Dice Duel

If you simply love games of chance or if you are a big fan of dice games, Dice Duel is the next big thing to hit land based casinos. Dice Duel is a straight forward real time dice-rolling game which has been adapted for betting and offers a wide variety of outcomes. 

How Dice Duel works

The equipment used in Dice Duel are very basic, consisting of a table with designated areas for the placement of wagers, and a set of two standard dice with 6 sides and pips ranging from 1-6 which are rolled in order to generate a random number and a shuffle cup.

Game Play

There are two dice used in Dice Duel; one red and one blue with 6 sides which are numbered from 1 to 6.  The aim of the game is to accurately place a bet on the dice that will show the highest result.  There are no special strategies or skills needed to play, which is suitable for beginners, experienced players and even high rollers.  The presenter with shuffle the pair of dice in a dice box and roll them out onto the game table.  The dice will only be rolled once during a draw, except in cases where the roll will have to be repeated.  A roll has deemed to have taken place once both the dice lay on one of their sides to make a two dice combination.  Betting rounds take place between game draws which last about 30 seconds. Draws of the game take place every minute on a daily basis.  Maximum and minimum wagering limits are determined by the gambling company.