Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

Football is a game that’s not just great when it comes to watching it but also great when it comes to the notion of reaping some rewards from placing sports bets. As one of the most watched sport in the world, football also happens to be one of the most popular betting games. One of the most favoured markets when it comes to football betting is the handicap market.

The handicap market is a broad market. When we are talking about this market, we are simply saying that the occurrences that happen during a match will exceed or will fall beneath a certain predetermined threshold. The occurrences that we are talking about here refer to many things which include corner kick count, foul count, throw in count and goals scored/conceded count. Talking about the goals scored/conceded count, there is a widely favoured betting market which is known as the over 1.5 goals market.  

How the Over 1.5 Goals Predictions Market Work

When two teams go head to head in a football match, the objective of both teams is to score as many goals as possible without reply – that is, without conceding at the other end. Sometimes however, a team may just worry about outscoring the other team that is, conceding but making sure it scores more than the opponent. On this front, bookmakers have created a betting market known as the over 1.5 goals market. What this market entails is that one of the two teams between the Home team and the Away team will score and win by a margin of at least two goals. If a punter opens a ticket backing a team to win with over 1.5 goals, then the ticket will only return dividends if the backed team wins by at least a 2-goal margin.  

An example of Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

To put the over 1.5 goals notion into perspective, let’s take the example of a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. If a punter chooses to back Real Madrid to win with over 1.5 goals, a 2-nil win for Real Madrid is great for the punter as it means that the ticket returns a payout. Likewise, any other result with a 2-goal margin for Real Madrid is something to be happy about as it means some payouts will come the player’s way. However, if Real Madrid wins the game but just by one goal to nil, then that’s a loss to the punter as Real Madrid will have failed to exceed the 1.5 goals threshold? In a nutshell, this market therefore simply requires the backed team to win comfortably with as many goals as possible for the punter to reap some rewards.  

Round Up 

There are times when two teams going head to head are a bit of a clear favourite and an underdog. When this is the case, backing the clear favourite may not be as rewarding as the odds will be on the low side for the heavily backed favourite. To up the odds therefore, the punter may choose to stipulate that the favourite will win by a certain margin hence the reason to opt for the over 1.5 goals market.