Multibet Tips

10 stake on this multibet returns 250.63

Usa Major League Soccer
Montréal vs D.C. United\t



Usa Major League Soccer
Inter Miami vs Atlanta United



Usa Major League Soccer
Cincinnati vs Nashville SC



Usa USL Pro
Louisville City vs Detroit City

OVER 2.5


Usa Major League Soccer
New York RB vs Charlotte



What is a Multibet in Soccer Betting

A multibet is a bet in which the punter adds four or more selections on the bet slip. Multibets can also be called accumulators or simply ‘Acca’. Multibets in recent times have become extremely popular, especially amongst soccer punters owing to the fact that they attract huge and lucrative winnings boosts when they are successful.

How Does the Multibet Work?

As a multibet refers to a bet slip with four or more selections, punters ought to note that all the selections must win for the multibet to be successful. The accumulator returns are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds and then multiplying the total return by the second set of odds. The other popular predictions include: gg prediction, over 1.5 prediction and draw prediction.

Placing an accumulator bet is quite easy. Just head over to your favourite online sportsbook (of course, one that accepts accumulator bets). Go through the upcoming pre-match events and pick your selections. At some online sportsbooks, it’s even possible to place accumulator bets with in-play selections. Each selection you pick is automatically added to the bet slip. Once done, the bookie automatically calculates the odds for all selected events and displays the potential payout to be awarded in case the bet is successful. Most if not all online sportsbooks nowadays offer ACCA winnings boost and the percentage offered depends upon the number of selections picked. Often, the bigger the number of selections, the higher the winnings boost.

All the betting markets that punters can opt for when placing single bets can also be used for multibets. Punters however have shown great affection for the 1×2 markets when placing their accumulators.

Accumulator Example

An accumulator always has four or more selections. Let’s suppose you opt for an accumulator with a minimum of four selections with the following odds – 1st selection 2.2, 2nd selection 2.3, 3rd selection 1.5 and 4th selection 1.25. Such an accumulator bet from a $10 wager returns $94.88. this owing to the fact that 2.2 x 2.3 x 1.5 x 1.25 equals 94.88. if you were to place single bets for each of the four selections, the highest you would win in total is just $18,13. This, therefore, shows the lucrativeness of an accumulator. However, there is the risk of losing the entire bet when one selection fails you when it comes to accumulators. If placing single bets, when one selection loses, you are still guaranteed payouts from other single bets. This in essence proves the lucrativeness of the accumulator while at the same time exposing the risk associated.

Benefits of Multibet Bets

Accumulators offer several benefits to punters. Below we explore some of these benefits.

  1. Huge Returns

The very nature of accumulators means that punters benefit from several odds at once. This in turn means that the potential payouts of multibets are huge and impressive in comparison with single bets. When one factors in the winnings boosts offered by most online sportsbooks for ACCA bets, multibets become just much more worthwhile and enterprising.

  1. Reap huge rewards from selections with short odds

When it comes to soccer betting, punters often face the dilemma of choosing between selections with short odds and those with long odds. Short odds refer to likely outcomes but unfortunately, the potential payouts are very small. Long odds on the other hand refer to unlikely outcomes whose potential payouts are huge. When it comes to single bets, punters often resort to go withy selections with long odds so that they reap something from their gambling adventures. However, when one opts for accumulators, s/he can bundle up many selections with short odds and if the bet is successful, the small payouts for each selection are in turn bundled up into a significant payout.

  1. Fun and absorbing sessions

Multibets are more engaging, fun and absorbing more so when the selections on the bet slip have different start times. Imagine, your bet slip has 12 selections, eight of them have already won and four more are yet to commence. Imagine the tension that engulfs you as you wait for the events to start. That is what you get when you place multibets.

Risks of Multibet Bets

The major shortcoming of multibets is the risk of losing the bet when one of the selections doesn’t end with a favourable result. Even if your accumulator has 15 selections, if one of the selections fails, the entire bet loses.

Difference Between an Accumulator and a Treble

As alluded to before, an accumulator refers to a bet with multiple selections starting from four and above. A treble on the other hand only comes with 3 selections. There is also a double which comes with just two selections.

Round Up

Accumulators are a fan favourite amongst soccer punters. This is largely necessitated by the fact that accumulators make it possible for punters to scoop some mouth-watering payouts when they add multiple selections on the bet slip.