Correct Score Prediction

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When it comes to football betting markets, there are some that are popular with punters for being straightforward and easy and others that are popular for being enterprising and highly lucrative. When it comes to the latter, there is no better option that players opt for other than the Correct Score market.

Just by looking at the name of this betting market, punters can easily tell what it is all about. The Correct Score prediction is a market in which the punter has to make predictions about the final score of a match. Note here that we aren’t just talking about the outcome of a match in terms of it being a Home team win, Away team win or a draw, no. Rather, the Correct Score market requires the punter to come up with the exact scores of the match.

Getting the exact scores of a match is something that’s extremely difficult to do. This necessitated by the fact that its simply difficult to think the amount of shots a team is going to have and how efficient the strikers are going to be. At the same time it’s difficult to tell whether the opposing team will defend valiantly like ever before or they will make uncharacteristic mistakes. Owing to this, this market is extremely difficult and risky but with risk comes the possibility of great rewards. If you happen to be a risk taker, then the Correct Score market will certainly appeal to you.  

How do we make our correct score predictions

Correct score predictions form the basis of all of our football predictions. They guide our tips for both teams to score, over/under, as well as our sure bets. So we focus significant effort on them. We use a combination of historical data as well as our predictionEngine to make these CS predictions.

How good are our Correct Score Predictions

As we derive all other predictions from the correct score predictions, they are pivotal. We do our best to provide accurate correct score tips, but as always nothing can be 100%. We do provide as much data with our predictions in the analysis section for each match. This way you are able to make your own decisions.

How the Correct Score Market Work

When talking about the Correct Score, we are talking about numbers. Yes, you heard that right? Numbers are key when it comes to the correct score predictions and tips. This necessitated by the fact that it’s the numbers which will determine if the player wins or not. The player needs to get his numbers correct in order to win after placing a correct score bet. The numbers have to be correct both for the Home Team and the Away team. Likewise, the numbers have to be correct for the winning team and losing team.  Take a look at all of our football betting predictions. Using our correct score predictions we also make draw predictions, and we review the Premier Bet Zone.

Sure Bets

An example of the Correct Score prediction

Sometimes, an example helps in explaining better a phenomenon. Talking about the Correct Score tips market, players ought to know that in a match between Liverpool and Chelsea, if the punter predicts Liverpool to win by 2 goals to 1, then the final score has to be exactly 2-1 in favour of Liverpool for the payouts to be paid. Any other result even a Liverpool win does not translate to the punter’s win.

Round Up  The Correct Score is one of those markets that are popular with football punters. Unlike many other markets however, this market is not popular for its simplicity, no. rather, it’s the market’s complexity which makes it popular. This necessitated by the fact that its complexity does translate to its highly enterprising and lucrativeness nature. Punters who are willing to take the big risks for the chance to scoop the big rewards will no doubt find the Correct Score market to be a great proposition