Over 3.5 Goals Predictions

Anyone who has studied the Bible will no doubt know about the tale of Goliath and David. The tale simply talks about a small man who went head to head with a giant. The odds were heavily stacked in favour of the giant but somehow the small man walked away with the victory. Well, in football there are often some clashes/games dubbed as Goliath vs. David matches. This necessitated by the fact that the two teams going head to head will see one far superior to the other hence the reason one is classified as a clear favourite and another an underdog.

During a clash between a clear favourite and an underdog, most punters simply back the favourite as they know that the odds favour the favourite to win. As punters want to guard against losing their money, they go where the money is likely to go that is, back the favourite. However, the more punters who back the favourite the more the odds fall. This ultimately meaning that punters will receive insignificant amounts if the backed favourite ends up winning as predicted. As such, to ensure that the potential returns are enhanced, clever punters do go for the handicaps.

Handicaps simply refer to markets in which a punter predicts the winning team to win by a certain margin. In this article we are going to focus on the over 3.5 goals market.   

How the Over 3.5 Goals Predictions Market Work

The over 3.5 goals market is used in matches where there is a clear favourite. This market entails that the winning team is going to win by a margin of at least four goals. If the favourite wins by 4 goals to nil or any other scoreline with a 4 goal margin, then the punter wins. Any other win with 3 or less goals is a loss for the punter.

An example of Over 3.5 Goals Market

There is the FA Cup which is played annually in England. The FA CUP allows all teams in all pyramids of English football to face each other. What this therefore means is that it’s possible for the English champions Manchester City to face a League 2 team like Sunderland. When these two teams clash, it will certainly be a mismatch and Manchester City will be expected to win comfortably. However, just predicting that Manchester City is going to win may not bring about many rewards to the punter as the odds will be extremely low. As such, punters may go bold and predict that Manchester City will thrash the underdogs by at least 4 goals. If this comes to pass, then any punter who would have opened an over 3.5 goals market will win.  

Round Up 

In mismatch clashes, the odds will be extremely low and heavily stacked in favour of the favourite. Enhance your odds by opting for the over 3.5 goals market. This market is a bit risky as it entails that a team has to win by a 4 goal margin but if it comes to pass, then the punter will certainly smile all the way to the bank!