BetGames Lucky 5 Tips

Lucky 5 lotto TV game offers players a wide range of betting outcomes while winning bets will pay out a profit which is a thousand times more than the stake.  Lucky 5 is a very popular game and is available to play live on your pc or on mobile.


How Lucky 5 works

Lucky 5 is a lotto based game which consists of 36 balls.  5 Winning balls will be drawn into the cylinders of the game machine.  The draw takes place when the mixing and selection process is over and the remaining balls drop to the bottom of the machines drum. The winning order of the balls is determined by the machine cylinders.  The left cylinder is considered the first and one on the right is the last. The other popular Betgames are: Dice Duel, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7.

Game Play

There is only one betting round and players must place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.  Betting will take place between the game draws which last for 4 minutes.  Profits from the bet will be shown beneath the stake total, and if the player is happy with the bet, then press the Place Bet button and then wait to see if the bet was a successful. Once the first draw is done, the betting round for the next draw will start immediately, and the broadcast starts at the end of the betting round.  The gambling company determines the maximum and minimum betting limits.  The best Lucky 5 strategy is to place bets on the options that offer players the best chance of winning, while passively placing bets on the more lucrative options.  Players need to practice patience and together with some luck this strategy can work. It is best for players to hedge their bets on betting options that are more likely to succeed.