BetGames Lucky 7 Tips

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 also known as  “7 out of 42” is a vibrant game based on a lottery, whereby players are given a comprehensive variety of betting outcomes as well as well as winning bets that’s can generate earnings almost two thousand times the initial bet. Lucky 7 has proven to be a very popular game, available to play live on your pc or on mobile.


How Lucky 7 works

As with most popular lotto draws, this draw takes place and the draw is considered to be done when 7 balls from a collection of 42 balls (yellow and black) are drawn into a game tube from a drum in which all the balls are mixed. This is done during a live broadcast. The other popular Betgames are: Dice Duel, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7

One betting round is available and bets can be placed on all possible outcomes for that draw.

Draws for the games take place every 4 minutes every day with betting rounds between each draw.

Game Play

Players can choose to bet on the colours of the balls, the numbers on each ball, which balls will be drawn and which ones won`t be drawn.

Balls are drawn one at a time, a total of 7.

Guessing the correct 7 balls, numbers and colours are the main aim of the game, but there are numerous betting options available.

One betting round is available before each draw and as soon as a draw is complete the next betting round starts immediately.