BetGames Wheel of Fortune Tips

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a fast and simple live game.  It contains clear betting options which is based on the oldest forms of gambling, and can be found at most land based casinos.  It is a popular game where players can wager bets using their small change or small chips. The other popular Betgames are: Dice Duel, Lucky 5, Lucky 6, and Lucky 7


How Wheel Of Fortune works

The wheel consists of 19 segments which are numbered from 1 to 18.  The 19th segment has a trophy symbol with a star, and acts as a single number which pays out 18:1.  The wheel is divided into three colours: black, grey and red.  A game round is run every 5 minutes, and all bets need to be placed before the wheel is spun.  The presenter will spin the wheel counter clockwise and then spin it clockwise using a light hand stroke.  Only one spin is made during a draw, unless the spin needs to be repeated.  3 Complete revolutions is classed to be a valid spin.

Game Play

There is only one betting round and players can place bets on all available outcomes.  The betting round lasts 4 minutes and takes place between the game draws.  The betting round for the second draw will start immediately after the first draw.  Maximum and minimum betting limits are determined by the company.  Betting is very easy and straight forward.  Players can bet on numbers, colours and odds or evens.  Players must use the Bet Slip to place bets by selecting the bet they want from the table.  The Bet Slip will change to supply all available options for the bet to the player.  The game ends quickly and the live stream cuts soon after the results are displayed.  There is a splash screen for the game where players can go back and check the results in case they missed it.