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When Esports initially started back in the days, nobody would have imagined that it will be as huge and as successful as it is now as it has suddenly become a billion dollar industry which keeps on growing and the fact that big tech companies like Facebook, Miscrosoft and Youtube have joined in the fray suggests that indeed this industry is on the rise and ESports will only get better. There is quite a number of popular Esports games like League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Overwatch, Call of Duty, later Fortnite and many others but this article will be focusing on Esoccer which is arguably turning out to be the most popular Esports product. Rather want to bet on real soccer? Check out our football betting predictions.

What is Esoccer?

Esoccer is one of the fast-growing esports which features some of the popular games like FIFA and PES and gamers compete in these games daily online with people from various parts of the world. The fact that Esoccer can be played online has made the games so exciting because now gamers have a chance to compete with people from parts of the world they may not physically know and this brings with it an aspect of unifying people from different parts of the world through a game. Real soccer is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport and this has been crucial to the popularity of Esports because people relate the game with the real version of the sport.
Esoccer’s main advantage over real soccer is the fact that it is not affected by geography or any other factors like for example, the Covid 19 pandemic which has clearly affected the current campaign and the effects are probably going to be felt for the next season. Esoccer on the other hand is mostly played online except for a few cases where it is played in Arenas and so people have managed to stay entertained with Esoccer games either by playing or by watching throughout this time where real sports have been postponed. The betting industry survived the effects of the Covid 19 mostly because of the availability of Esoccer games so it is evident that Esoccer has a huge impact.
FIFA Esports
FIFA is the most popular football-based video game in the world and it has been available for a while going through various improvements to what it is today. Over the years, FIFA has sold over 260 million copies which shows just how popular it is, but now it is no longer about just selling the game copies, FIFA is also part of the esoccer movement whereby people can play and watch FIFA games online irrespective of their geography. The latest version of FIFA is FIFA 20 which has over 14 million active gamers as of yet and the number is still growing.
FIFA Esports Gameplay
FIFA which is a replica of the real soccer we are accustomed to consists of two teams competing against each other with the aim of outscoring an opponent and win the match. At the end of the match, the team with the highest number of goals will be the winner of that particular match. What happens with FIFA is that all the teams which are included feature the current squad of players with all their skills and attributes, for example, Lionel Messi in a FIFA game remains the Lionel Messi we all know, who is a diminutive attacker with a great technical ability and can operate in tight spaces, this also applies to teams as well and teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid are highly ranked whilst teams like Aston Villa are lowly ranked.
The FIFA 20 has over 30 Official Leagues to choose from and over 700 Professional Clubs from those particular leagues. The game also features over 17,000 players from those clubs and what is great about these latest FIFA editions is that the graphics are so much improved you cannot mistake the players for anyone. There are two ways you can play the FIFA Esoccer games, You can play it individually using the single player mode or the multiplayer mode which enables various gamers to play together. 
Another popular feature is the FIFA Ultimate Team Game Mode, have you ever imagined a team which has Manuel Neur, Virgil van Dijk, Kalidou Koulibaly, Marcelo, Alexander Arnold, N’golo Kante, Casemiro, De Bruyne, Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappe? in reality these eleven may never play for a sinle team but the FIFA Ultimate Team Game Mode allows you to build a virtual team of real-life players who are playing in leagues from all around the world and make a super team. When you win a match, you will receive coins which is money which can be used towards buying better players. In order for you to compete in Ultimate Team-based eSoccer tournaments, you must rank highly by winning online matches consistently.
What are some of the popular FIFA eSoccer Leagues
The popularity of the game requires the game to have a number of tournaments where gamers can showcase their talents and win great prizes in the process. There is quite a number of FIFA esports tournaments which come in different sizes in terms of the number of people it attracts and the prizes involved and these tournaments are played throughout the calendar year. The tournaments are very organised and they follow a certain series with the ultimate goal being to earn a place in the FIFA eWorld Cup which is the most elite tournament.  Below is a list of the tournaments
FUT Champions Verified
FUT Champions Cups
FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments
FIFA eChampions League
FIFA Majors
FIFA Global Series Playoffs
FIFA eWorld Cup 
There is quite a number of FIFA esports games which are available for betting from most of the bookmakers which we have listed below but it is very important to note that bookmakers may not offer all of them with some opting to select a few from this list;
eSoccer Liga Pro
eSoccer Battle
Bundesliga Home Challenge
FIFA eWorld Cup
eSoccer Pro Player Cup
FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team Cup
La Liga Santander Challenge
FIFA eClub World Cup
ePremier League

Which betting markets are there on FIFA eSoccer betting?
Below is a list of the markets available for FIFA esoccer betting;
Moneyline Bets
Moneyline bet is one of the most popular type of bet where a punter wagers on the outcome of a single match. this is a pretty straightforward bet because you are only backing a team to win only, the scoreline is not considered moneyline betting.
Outright Bets
These are future bets whereby a punter wagers on the overall outcome of an event, they are referred to as future bets because the result which is being wagered on usually takes place at a later date. For example, you can bet on who will win the entire tournament.
In-play Bets
In-play bets are the bets which become available once a game has already started. the odds in in-play constantly change because they are based on what will actually be happening in that particular match. For example, if a team recieves two yellow cards, surely the odds will be against that team winning.
Accumulator Bets
This is also a popular bet where a punter combines three or more selections in a single wager, the main idea being that placing many matches in an accumulator will result in improved odds than placing single bets.
Special Bets
Special bets do not hinge on the outcome of a particular game and can be settled as early as the first minute of the game. If you place a wager that the first goal is going to be scored in the first minute, if it happens your bet will win right away. Special bets include odds on the number of corners and bookings and they can also include specific goalscorers as well as many other bets.
Below is a list of bookmakers in South Africa offer eSoccer betting;
World Sports Betting             
GG Gaming                           
Below is a list of bookmakers in Ghana offer eSoccer betting;
Below is a list of betting sites in Nigeria offer eSoccer betting
Below is a list of bookmakers in Kenya offer eSoccer betting;
Below is a list of bookmakers in the UK offering eSoccer betting;
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All in all, esports proved to be very important in this time of the pandemic in the betting industry as people get to enjoy esports games and they also get an opportunity to wager on esports matches.