Liga MX Predictions

Mexico is a sport-crazy nation and although there are several sports in Mexico, soccer remains the most important sport to Mexicans and this can be evidenced by how well the Mexicans support their soccer teams, be it the national teams or individual soccer clubs. If you travel to Mexico, you will notice that most peoples lives revolve around this famous sport as they get to watch soccer matches with friends and loved ones either at home or at the stadiums. The Mexican top league which is known as Liga MX is known worldwide as it is the league that has produced some top soccer football clubs which are known worldwide such as Club América and C.D. Guadalajara.

What is the Liga MX?

The Mexican Premier League, which is popularly known as the Liga BBVA MX for sponsorship reasons is one one of the most popular leagues not only in America but also in the world because some of the clubs from this league constantly participate in the World Club competition.According to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, the league currently ranks 20th worldwide and was ranked as the 10th strongest league in the first decade of the 21st century (2001–2010). This clearly shows that the Liga MX is one of the most competitive leagues in the Americas, clearly the best in the Concacaf region. Liga MX teams have already made it to the finals of the Copa Libertadores and have made deep runs in the Club World Cup.
The first Mexican Soccer League which was then called la Liga Mexicana de Fútbol Amateur Association was formed in 1943 consisting of a total of 5 teams namely Orizaba A.C., Pachuca A.C., Reforma A.C., Mexico Cricket Club and British Club. Of all these teams, the only team to still play in the top division is Pachuca A.C., though now its name has changed to Pachuca C.F. Since its inception, the league has undegone several changes and now it is in the best shape possible, thanks to the Mexican Football Association.

Liga MX general season

The Mexican football structure consists of a total of four divisions and each and very year, the worst team from each league descends to the second division, and then the best team from the second division ascends to la Liga MX.
Liga MX consists of a total of 18 teams that play two annual tournaments resulting in two champions every season. The two Liga MX tournaments are Apertura and Clausura with Apertura being the opening tournament and Clausura being the closing tournament. Apertura runs from July to December whilst Clausura runs from January up to May. Please note that all 18 clubs in the Mexican Soccer League face off once in the regular season.
The top 8 teams with the best record face off in la Liguilla (which is the name for the playoffs of the Mexican Soccer League). The team with the best record (known as the number 1 seed) faces against the team with the worst record (or the number 8 seed). The number 2 seed faces the number 7 seed. . . and so forth. Each team plays twice (once at home, and once away). In the quarterfinal and semifinal stages, the highest teams ranked that are still around are pitted against the lowest-ranked teams left and the process continues. It is important to note that If there are ties, then away goals are used as the first tiebreaker, and the higher seeded team is the second tiebreaker.
Each year, four teams from Liga MX qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League, the premier North American club competition. Generally, the Apertura and Clausura champions and the Apertura and Clausura runners-up qualify and are placed in Pot 3. Should one or more teams reach the finals of both tournaments, Liga MX has implemented a formula for ensuring that two teams that qualify via the Apertura and two teams qualify via the Clausura.
As earlier indicated, the Liga MX soccer league consists of a total of 18 teams and below is a list of all the teams that form part of this league:
América Atlas
Atlético San Luis Cruz Azul
Guadalajara Juárez
León Mazatlán
Monterrey Necaxa
Pachuca Puebla
Querétaro Santos Laguna
Tijuana Toluca

What are the top teams in Liga MX?
In the history of the Liga MX, a total of 56 teams have competed in the league and from all those teams, the most succesful team is América, which has won a record 13 titles. Guadalajara are second in terms of titles with a total of 12 league titles to their name. The aforementioned teams are by far the most popular teams in the Liga MX and they also have the joint record of seasons in the top division which is 103 seasons each. Other popular Liga MX teams are Cruz Azul, Leon , UANL and UNAM.
Who are the top players in Liga MX?
Over the years, the Liga MX has seen some top players who have dazzled not only the Mexicans but the world at large as some of them showcased their talents at international tornaments whilst others have had glittering careers in Europe.
Some of the top players to have graced the Liga MX league are Evanivaldo Castro, Carlos Hermosillo, Jared Borgetti, José Cardozo and Horacio Casarín. Currently, there are some great players who are part of the Liga MX, below is a list of some of the top players participating in the Liga MX;
Maximiliano Meza
Maximiliano Meza is an Argentina football player who plays as a midfielder or winger for Liga MX club Monterrey.
Carlos Alberto Rodríguez
Carlos Alberto Rodríguez is a 25 year old Mexican professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the the Mexican national team and the Liga MX club Cruz Azul.
Florian Thauvin
Tristan Mariano Thauvin is probably the most famous player in the Liga MX as he was part of the French team which famously won the FIFA World Cup. Thauvin plays as a winger for Liga MX club Tigres UANL.
Fernando Gorriarán
Fernando Gorriarán Fontes is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Liga MX club Santos Laguna and the Uruguay national team
Víctor Guzmán
Víctor Alfonso Guzmán Guzmán is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Liga MX club Pachuca.