Mathematical Predictions

Soccer betting is one of the most popular form of betting because people usually enjoy betting on their favourite sport (soccer) as they feel they will have an edge if they bet on the sports they understand. It is also true to point out that sports betting is incredibly difficult because in most cases punters end up losing more often than not. One of the main reasons why soccer betting is particularly difficult is the fact that the matches are highly unpredictable. In most matches, there is usually a favorite and the underdog, where the favourite is the odds on favourite to win the match but several times the underdog upsets the odds and this usually results in failed bets. It is quite clear that in order to win consistently, there has to be a method which ensures that and mathematical predictions are a great option.

What are Mathematical Football Predictions?

If you thought mathematics was only a class subject, think again because football betting itself is all about mathematics and all the odds that you see displayed by bookmakers are calculated mathematically. This view of seeing betting as mathematics has resulted in prediction companies developing a special algorithm that includes the most important factors influencing a sporting event such as head to head, previous results, injuries amongst others.

It is very important to point out that mathematical predictions are not 100% correct because there is nothing like that but these days, mathematical predictions are becoming more accurate because prediction sites are constantly tweaking and updating their mathematical models to increase accuracy. In some instances, you will find some prediction sites which are able to achieve an accuracy of over 60% and that is a great deal. With mathematical predictions, you can expect to get predictions on several markets such as;



OVER 2.5



What are the Pros and Cons of Mathematical Predictions?

Mathematical predictions are definitely worth it because you will have an opportunity to win when you use them, below are the pros and cons of High Sure Bets;


In most cases, mathematical predictions have a very high possibility of winning.

You will definitely get good returns.


Not all betting markets are available.

There is always that possibility of losing.