Over 0.5 Goals First Half Predictions

The aim and objective when two football teams go head to head is to see if one team is going to win the match or not. Players from opposing teams will need to ensure that they don’t concede any goals while aiming at the same time to score against the opponent. Sometimes, things may go as planned while on other occasions things may not go as planned. Well, when it comes to punters, they too like the players on the field will be hoping for a certain result to come out.

Some punters may be hoping for the Home team to win the match, other may hope for the Away team to win the match while others may simply be hoping for the match to end in a draw. Most of the times, the result that punters will all be concerned with is the one that comes at the end of the 90 minutes of regulation time. However, in some instances, some punters may all be interested in the result at the half time interval. Often, those interested with the half time result are punters who would have opted for the over 0.5 goals first half betting market. For those who might not know what this market is all about, all they need to do is to continue reading this article to learn all there is to know about the over 0.5 goals first half betting market. The other popular over/under markets include: Over/Under 1.5 Goals, Over/Under 2.5 Goals and Over/Under 3.5 Goals. These markets are very popular in Sure Win predictions.

How Over 0.5 Goals First Half Predictions Market Work

The over 0.5 goals first half betting market entails a market in which players predict that one of the Home team or Away team will win the first half of a match by at least one goal. The result of the match at the end of the 90 minute regulation time does not have any bearing on this market. If the player states that the Home team is going to win the first half with over 0.5 goals, any winning result for the backed Home team will see the player walk away with some handsome payouts. The only way that the punter won’t receive payouts is if the backed team loses the first half or the first half ends in a stalemate.  

An example of Over 0.5 Goals First Half Predictions

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world with the Manchester derby being one of the most anticipated games in the league. During the Manchester derby, every bit of action is watched attentively including the first half results. Suppose a player predicts Manchester United to be leading at half time by over 0.5 goals – if it happens that Manchester United is indeed leading by any scoreline, then the punter who made the bet can expect to receive a payout. A Manchester United loss or draw at the half time interval spells doom for the punter as it means he would have lost.

Round Up 

Sometimes waiting for the entire 90 minutes of a match can be too daunting for some punters. As such, they opt to just predict the results of the first half. If it happens that there are such punters who find it hard to wait for the entire 90 minutes to watch if they win or not, they can simply opt for the over 0.5 goals first half market.