Over 0.5 Goals Predictions

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Sports punters who have been in the betting arena for quite some time know that there are certain maneuvers which will return great rewards once the result is in their favour. As such, they employ clever strategies to maximize their potential payouts. One such strategy is utilizing the highly enterprising and lucrative handicaps markets.

Handicaps are markets in which players agree (and in some instances disagree) with certain predetermined stipulations. When players agree with the predetermined stipulations and the result goes in their favour, they will walk as worthy winners. Taking a look at two teams going head to head, if the punter chooses to back the Home team knowing that once it scores it will shut up shop till the end of the game, some witty punters wont just back the Home team to win but they employ the handicap market to stipulate that it will win by a certain margin. One such handicap market is the over 0.5 goals market.  

How the Over 0.5 Goals prediction Market Work

The over 0.5 goals predictions market entails that one team between the Away team and the Home team will be victorious. The market however does not just end with that – it goes further to stipulate that the winning team will win by a goal margin of at least 1. Well, considering that any team that’s classified as the winning team will have scored or outscored the opponent by at least 1, it means any team that wins will certainly have passed the over 0.5 goals bracket. In essence, what this therefore means is that any time that the punter backs a team to win by over 0.5 goals and that team goes on to win the match, regardless of the result, the backed team will help the punter reap some dividends.  

An example of Over 0.5 Goals Predictions

There are some teams that are renowned for scoring just one goal and shutting shop soon afterwards. This is something trademark of most Jose Mourinho teams as well as Diego Simeone teams. As such, when a punter chooses to back the Diego Simeone coached Atletico Madrid to win its match against Osasuna for example; a witty punter may choose to open the over 0.5 goals market. With this market, the punter will rest assured knowing that as soon as Atletico Madrid scores the first goal; the match will highly likely end up in Madrid’s favour as it will shut shop at the back restricting the opponent from scoring. If there is any team that will likely score, it will be the Madrid team from a counter attack. Owing to the nature of Atletico Madrid, the over 0.5 goals market will highly likely bring dividends to the player.  

Round Up 

Sports punters do know that there are certain betting markets that are great for certain teams/matches. The over 0.5 goals is a great betting market to go for, for any player who would want to back a team that is renowned for restricting the opponent from scoring once it gets the first score.