1×2 Betting Tips – Win Draw Win Predictions

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Midland vs Leandro Nicéforo Alem
Universidad de Chile vs Audax Italiano
Club Guaraní vs Resistencia
Deportivo Morón vs Instituto
All Boys vs Deportivo Santamarina
Belgrano vs Chacarita Juniors

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Sportivo Belgrano vs San Martín Formosa
San Luis vs Deportes Iquique
Universidad Concepción vs Deportes Temuco
Técnico Universitario vs Cuenca

Sports betting is as old as the games themselves. This necessitated by the fact that from time immemorial, punters were there who were only interested in predicting the likely outcomes of matches for their own benefit. Sometimes, punters went against laid out rules by the authorities just to quench their thirst for gambling. Well, nowadays thanks to the wide liberalized laws, sports betting just like most other gambling activities are legalized in most parts of the world hence can be practiced without fearing any retribution from law enforcement agents.

From days gone by, the one popular betting market that punters have always loved to engage in is predicting the outcome of a match. Well, even nowadays that seems the case as the match outcome is one of the areas where most betting markets focus on. One such betting market that’s concerned with the outcome of a football match is the Win Draw Win market. All players looking to learn more this Win Draw Win market simply need to continue reading this review.  


Win Draw Win is a market that’s premised on the three likely outcomes of any match. Namely, these three outcomes are Win, Draw and Lose. When it comes to this market however, there is no mention of the word ‘Lose’. Why is this the case many may be wondering? Well, the thing is, the market looks at whether the Home team or Away team if going to win instead of looking at the team to win and lose. As such, the Win Draw Win market can be explained in this way:

  • Win: Home Team to Win
  • Draw: Teams to draw
  • Win: Away Team to Win

When players visit most online bookmakers/sportsbooks, it is the Win Draw Win market that will be used in showcasing all the upcoming matches/events. The market is presented in a graphical illustration – something similar to the graphic under the ‘AN EXAMPLE OF WIN DRAW WIN MARKET tab. The player is thus asked to either pick if the Home team is going to win, if the match is going to end as a draw or if the match is going to end in favour of the Away team. By simply clicking on the team that s/he is backing, the player will have made the prediction.

An example of (1×2 Betting) Win Draw Win Market

To better explain the Win Draw Win market, we are going to use a graphical illustration.

Arsenal   1.67Draw   1.80Tottenham   5.00

To bet for Arsenal, the player simply needs to click the Arsenal box. Likewise to bet for Tottenham, the player needs to click the Tottenham box. To predict a draw, players need to click the Draw box. If the player’s prediction comes out correct, the player scoops a payout.

Round Up 

1×2 betting is one of the simplest betting markets available for football punters. Punters simply need to choose the team that’s going to win between the Home team and the Away team. If punters think the match will end in a stalemate, they need to predict a Draw.