Bet254 Jackpot Prediction

Bet254 heralds itself as one of the best sports betting sites in Kenya. Speaking from an honest position, we can’t quite refute this claim owing to the fact that Bet254 offers a wide range of services from sports betting to virtual sports betting! This essentially meaning punters can place their bets at any time of the day or night as virtual sports are broadcasted 24/7. This is simply incredible isn’t it? Well, to add to its incredible list of services offered, Bet254 also now offers sports betting jackpots. We also offer correct score predictions and general football betting predictions. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Bet254 Jackpot

At Bet254, there are two jackpots that punters stand to hit. These jackpots are as follows:    

  • 254 Jackpot: The first jackpot is the 25.4 jackpot which runs on weekends. The 25,4 jackpot coupon comes with 17 legs. Punters who intend to win this jackpot will have to correctly predict the Match Results of the 17 legs for a chance to win a KSh 25 400 000 jackpot prize! The beauty about the 25,4 jackpot is that punters are free to select two or all three outcomes from the same event to cover themselves from losing! All 25,4 jackpot coupons come with the Dip button which allows punters to opt for auto predictions when they can’t make up their minds. 
  • Million Midweek Jackpot: The second jackpot is known as the Million Midweek Jackpot. The name of this jackpot unveils two important things when it comes to the nature of the jackpot. First, the prize pool of the jackpot as you can probably guess is KSh 1 000 000. Secondly, this jackpot is a midweek jackpot. Million Midweek Jackpot’s coupon comes with 13 legs. Just like the 25,4 Jackpot, the Million Midweek Jackpot uses the 1×2 system meaning punters are only required to predict the Match Results in order to hit the jackpot.     

How to Find the Bet354 Jackpot on the Site

To start making your jackpot predictions, punters need to follow the steps below:

  • Login or Sign Up at Bet254
  • From the homepage, punters need to click the Menu button found in the header section    
  • On the Menu tab, the punter has to click the Jackpot button which will redirect him to the Jackpot page   
  • On the Jackpots page, the punter will instantly see all the 17 legs which have been selected by the bookmaker for that particular week’s 254 Jackpot round. If the Million Midweek Jackpot is still open, the punter will also get to see all the pre-selected legs for that particular week’s round.
  • The punter must make his predictions or click the Dip button for auto predictions. Afterwards, the punter will need to input his stake and proceed to generate his ticket.  

Bet254 Jackpot Schedule

The 254 Jackpot is a weekend jackpot which comes to a close on Saturday at 15:00 hours CAT. At that very moment, the round for the upcoming match week will also commence. Matches for this jackpot are played on Sundays if not stated otherwise. The Million Midweek Jackpot runs during the week. Matches for this jackpot are played on Thursdays if not stated otherwise.     


The minimum stake in order t play the Bet 254 Jackpot and Million Midweek Jackpot ticket is KSh 10.00.   

Jackpot Bonus Amount

To hit the Bet 254 Jackpot, the punter must make 17 correct Match Result predictions. The prize for hitting the jackpot is KSh 25 400 000. To hit the Million Midweek Jackpot, the punter must make 13 correct Match Result predictions. The prize for hitting the jackpot is KSh  1 000 000.    

Consolation Prizes

When playing the Bet254 Jackpot, there are prizes for punters who fall short of making all 17 correct predictions. Those who make 13, 14, 15 and 16 correct predictions will receive a little something extra as a consolation prize. Likewise, punters who manage to correctly predict 10, 11 or 12 results in the Million Midweek Jackpot will also receive a consolation prize. The consolation prizes vary in size from week to week. Punters can only know the exact amounts once the pool has been settled.  


All that we can say about Bet254 in relation to its 254 Jackpot and the Million Midweek Jackpot is that punters certainly must settle at this bookmaker as they stand a chance of becoming instant millionaires by just using their sports knowledge to make sports predictions. In all aspects, Bet254 is a recommended bookmaker to settle at.