Bet9ja Super9ja Jackpot Predictions

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Nigeria is home to football enthusiasts many of whom also happen to be football punters. To allow these punters to indulge in their favourite pastime, Bet9ja did decide to open shop and has for the past years offered punters the opportunity to win massive amounts of money by making predictions on the outcomes of football matches as well as other things that may happen during the match for instance corner kick count among others. When predicting, lots of players prefer correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Though it opened shop knowing full well that Nigeria has lots and lots of football enthusiasts, the uptake of the football betting services offered at Bet9ja (one of the top betting sites in Nigeria) did surprise the company and as a way of allowing its customers to earn more during their betting adventure, it did decided to offer a football jackpot. The jackpot is known as Super9ja. In this article, we are going to share with all punters everything there is to know when it comes to Super9ja.  

Super9ja Jackpot Predictions

Using the BigFreeTips PredictionEngine we can make predictions for every match in the Bet9ja Super9ja Jackpot. These Super9ja predictions are completely free and we also provide you with the statistics used to make them, with previous match data and head2head statistics. See Bet9ja Zoom Predictions

How Bet9ja Super9ja Jackpot Works

The first thing that most punters would like to know pertains to the machinations of Super9ja. On that front, the bullet points below will detail everything there is to know when it comes to Super9ja:  

  • Super9ja is a promotion: Super9ja functions as a promotion. What this, therefore, means is that punters have the opportunity to opt in to the promotion or to remain on the sidelines. The beauty of Super9ja lays in the fact that it is a free-to-enter promotion hence no reason why punters should recuse themselves from entering.  
  • Punters are to submit their entries before the competition closes each week: As a promotion, the key to hitting the jackpot lies in making six correct predictions from the match legs that will be chosen by the betting house. The punter must login and submit his entry (match predictions) before the competition closes each week. It’s important to note that this is a weekly process hence to stand a chance of winning; the punter must participate in the promotion every week.
  • Match legs are chosen by the betting house: The onus of choosing the six match legs for the weekly jackpot lies with the betting house. The punter will simply need to check on the selected match legs and proceed to make his predictions. When making the predictions, punters are free to choose any betting market of their choice – its important though, to take cognizance of the fact that betting markets rank differently when it comes to the scoring system. 
  • Six correct scores will determine the winner while winners of consolation prizes are determined by the scoring system: To hit the Super9ja jackpot, punters must predict six correct scores. When it comes to consolation prizes, winners are determined by those who score the most points. The number of points that the punter gets depends on the betting markets that he opted for.
  • Different betting markets carry different points: Super9ja uses a scoring system to determine the winner of the consolation prizes. A maximum number of points that can be awarded per match is 10 points. The betting market which fetches the highest number of points per match that is, 10 points is the ‘Correct Score’ market. The market which fetches the lowest number of points per match that is, 1 point is the ‘Match Result’ market. Punters can click the ‘i’ button next to the betting market chosen to learn more about the points it returns.

When is the Bet9ja Super9ja Jackpot

Super9ja is a weekly jackpot. Punters need to regularly check the Bet9ja site to see when the promotion will start for any particular game week as well as the ending time at which all punters must have placed their bets.    

How to Play Super9ja

The following are the steps that the punter needs to follow in order to play Super9ja:

  1. The first step is to visit Bet9ja Super9ja (login if you are a regular customer or sign up if you are a new customer)
  2. Check the six jackpot matches for the current week and make your predictions
  3. Click the Submit button to send your entry
  4. Before the competition starts, the punter may change of his predictions by clicking the Edit Predictions button and re-submitting the entry. The punter may make as many amendments as he wish.   

Super9ja Jackpot Bonus

The winner of the jackpot pockets 10 000 000 naira. In case of two or more winners for both for the jackpot or consolation prize, Super9ja will split the prize equally among all winners. It’s important to note that the jackpot prize is only shared if winners cannot be split by the tie breaker. A total of 265 000 naira is shared by punters who score the highest number of points during the week.

Rules to Keep in Mind

The most important rule to keep in mind is that the predictions made by the punter are not final until the competition starts. The punter, therefore, has the freedom to change his mind as many times as he wants until the competition starts.

If the punter is not looking to hit the jackpot (which can only be hit when the player makes six correct score predictions), he may opt for the consolation prizes. To play for the consolation prizes, the punter will have the freedom to choose any betting market he wants. It’s important to keep in mind the fact that different betting markets carry different weighting when it comes to the scoring system hence it’s advisable to settle for those that carry more points per match. The punter must make at least one Match Result prediction when opting for the consolation prizes.

The tie breaker criteria is used when two or more punters vying for consolation prizes have the same number of points.

A punter is restricted to just one entry per week. However, he can make as many amendments on the entry as he wants.  

Round Up

Super9ja is a great promotion to partake in. for punters gunning for the big money, they can go all out and make six Correct Score predictions to stand a chance of winning the 10 000 000 naira jackpot. However, if you wish to reduce the risk of losing and increase the probability of winning, punters may settle for consolation prizes and choose any betting markets of their choice.