Betika Jackpot Predictions

Betika Jackpot for 2023-12-09

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Here you can find the latest predictions for the Betika Jackpot for 2023-12-09. The Betika Jackpot consists of 15 fixtures. We have predictions for each one of the fixtures. Our top 5 match predictions for the Betika are:

  • For Rennes vs Monaco we think the match will end with a score 1 - 1.
  • For Borussia Dortmund vs RB Leipzig we think that RB Leipzig will win.
  • For Aston Villa vs Arsenal we think the match will end with a score 2 - 2.
  • For Monza vs Genoa we think that Monza will win.
  • For Fulham vs West Ham United we think the match will end with a score 1 - 2.

Jackpot has ended.

Betika Jackpot

The two jackpots that punters will find at Betika are as follows:   

  • Grand Jackpot: The Grand Jackpot is a fixed jackpot which comes with a prize pool of 100 million shillings! Simply phenomenal isn’t it? To win this jackpot, punters need to predict the scores of 17 legs using the 1×2 betting system. What this simply means is that punters have to predict if the Home Team is going to win, if the match is going to end in a draw or if the Away Team is going to win. 
  • Midweek Jackpot: The Midweek Jackpot comes with 15 legs drawn from leagues from around the world. The betting system used is the 1X2 which is quite friendly as it requires punters to just predict the team that’s likely to win between the Home Team and the Away Team. It’s also possible for punters to predict if the team is going to end in a tie. Both jackpots require you to make a correct score prediction, or a sure bet.

How to Find the Betika Jackpot on the Site

Whether the punter is looking to settle for the Grand Jackpot or the Midweek Jackpot, the steps that one has to take to reach the desired jackpot are as follows:

  • Login or Sign Up at Betika
  • In the header section of the homepage, check for the Jackpot button.   
  • The Jackpot button will direct punters straight to the Jackpots’ page where they are presented with two options that is, the Grand Jackpot or the Midweek Jackpot.  
  • Depending on the jackpot that the punter opts for, he will be presented with the current legs for the current match round and all that he has to do is to make the predictions.
  • After making all the predictions, the punter can proceed to place his bet and to generate his ticket. 

Betika Jackpot Schedule

The Grand Jackpot often runs as a weekend jackpot. However, it’s important for punters to note that the jackpot at times may not run probably owing to lack of matches. This largely owing to the fact that most leagues across the world are yet to resume after the abrupt season suspended forced by the novel corona virus pandemic. The Midweek Jackpot on the other hand as can be deduced from its title is a jackpot which runs during the week.     

Betika Jackpot Stakes

When it comes to both the Grand Jackpot as well as the Midweek Jackpot, punters ought to know that the minimum stake amount they can use is KES 60.  

Betika Jackpot Bonus Amount

The Grand Jackpot is a fixed jackpot which comes with a one million shillings prize pool. The Midweek Jackpot comes with a prize pool of 15 000 000 shillings.   

Consolation Prizes

One of the most beautiful things about the Grand Jackpot as well as the Midweek Jackpot is that punters are rewarded even if they fail to correctly predict all the legs on the coupon. Of course, those who are rewarded are those who would have failed to reach the desired number by a whisker. When it comes to the Grand Jackpot, punters who manage to predict only 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 legs correctly will receive consolation prizes. In the same vein, punters who correctly manage to predict 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 legs on the Midweek Jackpot coupon will also receive consolation prizes. The consolation prizes awarded vary every week.   


Sports betting is quite a lucrative adventure more so for punters who take their time to learn the trade. The ‘lucrativeness’ of sports betting can further be enhanced by engaging in sports betting jackpots and one such jackpot to consider for all punters is the Betika Jackpot.