BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot predictions

Whenever the word ‘jackpot’ pops up, everyone gets to think about big money. This necessitated by the fact that jackpots are associated with big money prizes. The ‘jackpot’ in BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot like any other instances of the word is something that should arouse the interest of all players. This simply necessitated by the fact that the jackpot referred in this instance pertains to a massive payout awarded to all those who manage to make correct football predictions. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Many at this point are already wondering as to what the football predictions we are talking here are all about. Well, not to waste any time, let’s get to understand what BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot is all about.

What is BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot?

First things first, let’s get to know what BetPawa is. BetPawa is an online bookmaker that operates in Ghana. The online bookmaker is legit as it is regulated and holds a valid operating license from the Gambling Commission of Ghana. This, in essence means there is nothing to worry about when it comes to settling at BetPawa. Players ought to note that BetPawa has presence in several other African countries. In all those jurisdictions, BetPawa does comply with stipulated gaming regulations.

As an online bookmaker, BetPawa does offer a variety of betting products to its customers. One of these products is what is referred to as the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot. BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot in simple terms is a betting ticket with predetermined fixtures/events/ matches. There are 17 fixtures/events/matches on the jackpot ticket.  

How to Play BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot

As we have already stated, the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot is a betting ticket with 17 fixtures/events. To start playing the jackpot game, players are required to make Match Result predictions for each of the 17 fixtures/events. What we mean by Match Result is that punters are required to predict the winner of each match choosing between a Home team win, Away team win or a draw.

Once the player makes all of the predictions, the next step is to place the wager. Players ought to know that the standard price for the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot is 0.25 GHS. The standard ticket price applies to all tickets with single bet selections on each match/event. If it happens that the player makes two bet selections on one or more events/fixtures, the wager increases accordingly.

Once the wager has been placed, the player afterwards will simply have to wait and see how the matches pan out in the hope that all of the predictions are in line with the match outcomes. If it happens that the player gets all predictions correct, then he would have hit and won the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot!

Jackpot Schedules

The BetPawa PawaPot jackpot is played on weekends Saturdays and Sundays. However, if there are any changes to this, then the BetPawa website will advise players accordingly.

Prize Pool

The pooled jackpot wins for the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot stands at 14,500,000 GHS. In case of two or more players winning this jackpot at once, they share the jackpot prize equally. On this note, it’s important to point out the fact that BetPawa PawaPot is a continent wide jackpot. This therefore means it can be played by players in different countries across Africa for as long as BetPawa has a presence in that country. BetPawa is present in the following countries: Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria and Uganda.

Consolation Prizes

Players ought to know that there are some consolation prizes for players who fall short by a few predictions. Players who get 15 and 16 correct predictions will walk away with some consolation prizes.

Guiding Rules

There are some key guiding rules that all players need to take into cognizance when looking to play the BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot. These are as follows:

  • All match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. This includes any stoppage time but does not include extra time and penalty shoot-out.
  • Full payout for PawaPot Jackpot can take between two to eight weeks. 
  • In case of match postponement/abandonment, BetPawa has the right to wait for 24 hours for the match to start/resume.
  • If at least 50% of matches are cancelled and not played within 24 hours from initial KO time, all pending tickets will be cancelled.
  • Winnings are paid when all results have been confirmed.
  • The Match Result (1×2) betting market is used in making predictions

Round Up

The BetPawa PawaPot Jackpot is a great football betting game to play as it affords punters the opportunity to win big by playing their favourite pastime. One great thing about this jackpot is that once players miss out on making their own predictions but before the first match on the jackpot ticket starts, they can simply use the Lucky Dip button to enable the bot to make automatic predictions on their behalf!