Bigpesa Jackpot Predictions

Something big is always up for grabs at Bigpesa and when it comes to punters, this juicy something comes in the form of the Bigpesa jackpot. To be exact KES 1 000 000 will come your way when you manage to hit the jackpot! Who wouldn’t want KES 1 000 000? The simple answer is no one. Well, if you are looking to become a millionaire at Bigpesa, then you need to continue reading this detailed guide which will share with you everything there is to know about the Bigpesa Jackpot. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Bigpesa Jackpot

For punters who are looking to learn more about the Bigpesa Jackpot, the pointers below will share with you the most important things to known when it comes to Bigpesa Jackpot.     

  • Bigpesa Jackpot comes with 13 legs. The punter therefore is asked to predict the match outcomes of the 13 legs in order to stand a chance of winning the jackpot.
  • The Bigpesa Jackpot uses the 1×2 betting format. Essentially, what this means is that punters have to predict the team that’s going to win between the Home Team and the Away Team. Punters can also predict if the match is going to an in a draw.   
  • It’s possible for punters to use the triple chance bet but when punters opt for the bet, the number of legs on the coupon will rise to 16.

How to Find the Bigpesa Jackpot on the Site

To engage in the Bigpesa Jackpot, the punter will need to follow the steps below to generate his ticket: 

  • Login or Sign Up at Bigpesa
  • By default, the casino section will pop up when the site loads so the punter will need to check the tabs at the header or footer section and look for the Sports button.   
  • After being redirected to the Sports page, the next step is to check the header for the Jackpot button which will redirect punters to the jackpots page.  
  • Once punters reach the jackpots page, they get to see all the legs for the current round hence they can simply make their predictions and proceed to generate the ticket. 

Bigpesa Jackpot Schedule

The Bigpesa Jackpot runs weekly. Legs for the next round will be unveiled when the previous round comes to an end. In general, the betting round ends on Saturdays at 16:00 hours CAT and a new round commences at the same time. Legs are spread across the week hence giving the punter ample time to make some research before generating his ticket.       

Bigpesa Stakes

The minimum stake required to place a Bigpesa Jackpot bet is KES 10.   

Bigpesa Jackpot Bonus Amount

The jackpot bonus amount that punters at Bigpesa stand to win if their predictions turn out to be correct is a whopping KES 1 000 000.     

Bigpesa Consolation Prizes

Bigpesa offers consolation prizes for punters who fail to hit all 13 correct predictions. The consolation prizes are as follows:

  • Punters who get 9 correct predictions will receive KES 10 000
  • Punters who get 10 correct predictions will receive KES 20 000
  • Punters who get 11 correct predictions will receive KES 30 000
  • Punters who get 12 correct predictions will receive KES 100 000

Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • Punters can generate as many tickets as they want.
  • Punters can make use of Smart Picks which will aid them in making automatic predictions
  • In case of multiple winners, Bigpesa will split the jackpot bonus amount among all winning punters.
  • Only the result obtained during the regulation 90 minutes and added stoppage time will be considered.       


The Bigpesa Jackpot is a jackpot that all punters in Kenya should try out. The beauty of the jackpot is that it runs weekly meaning punters have ample time to do some research if they are not familiar with some of the leagues that the preselected legs are drawn from hence allowing them to make informed bets.