Bikosports Jackpot Prediction

Bikosports needs no introduction to punters based in Tanzania. However, while punters may already know about the existence of Bikosports, what they may not know is that the Tanzania bookmaker in recent times introduced a new offering. This new service is known as the 1×2 Jackpot. 1×2 Jackpot is a sports betting jackpot which allows punters to make predictions on pre-selected matches and in turn, they stand to win a handsome jackpot prize. To learn more about 1×2 Jackpot, punters need to continue reading this article. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Bikosports Jackpot

In order to understand more about the 1×2 Jackpot, there are some key pointers that punters need to take cognizance of and these include:    

  • Just as can be deduced from the name of the jackpot, Bikosports Jackpots uses the popular 1×2 betting format. Essentially, what this means is that punters have to make predictions on whether the Home Team or the Away Team is going to win. In addition, punters also have the freedom to predict if the match is going to end in a draw.
  • The 1X2 Jackpot coupon comes with 13 legs. Punters therefore have to make 13 predictions and if all of their predictions turn out correct at the end of all matches, then they will become the Bikosports Jackpot winners.
  • All the 13 legs that are provided on the jackpot coupon come with odds of 2 or above.      

How to Find the Bikosport Jackpot on the Site

When looking to play the 1×2 Jackpot, punters will need to login or register their accounts at Bikosports. Thereafter, they can follow the steps below to place their bets:

  • Login or Sign Up at Bikosports
  • On the homepage, check for the main taskbar and locate the Jackpot button.   
  • Click the Jackpot button to be redirected to the jackpots page.  
  • Once on the Jackpot page, all the legs for the current round will be instantly shown and the punter has to simply make his predictions.
  • After making all the predictions, the next step is to make payment and then to generate the betting ticket. 

Bikosport Jackpot Schedule

The 1X2 Jackpot is a bi-weekly jackpot. The draw for the jackpot is held every Wednesday and every Sunday. Punters therefore can expect to find a jackpot in session at any point in time whether day or night.      

Bikosport Stakes

When it comes to making payments, punters ought to know that the minimum stake they can use in order to generate their jackpot ticket is TSHS 1000.  

Bikosport Jackpot Bonus Amount

The 1X2 Jackpot is more like a toto jackpot meaning the prize money for the jackpot is not fixed. The jackpot bonus amount increases and decreases owing to various factors including the total amount staked for the current round as well as the presence or absence of winners in the previous round. While that’s the case, punters can always know that the jackpot bonus amount they stand to win always lay in the TSHS 100 000 000 range.   

Consolation Prizes

The beauty of the 1×2 Jackpot is that it not only rewards punters who manage to hit all the 13 correct score guru predictions correctly but it also rewards those punters who fail to hit the 13 mark but fall close behind. Punters who get 10, 11 or 12 correct predictions will receive a little something courtesy of the bookmaker as consolation prizes.    


Bikosports offers a great jackpot which allows punters the opportunity to win some big money when they make 13 correct predictions. Worry not though if you fail to hit all 13 correct as you can still get consolation prizes for 12, 11 or even 10 correct predictions.