Flooks Jackpot Prediction

Flooks Jackpot

Punters at Flooks ought to know that they have an opportunity to hit anyone of two highly lucrative jackpots. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions. The jackpots are as follows:   

  • Daily Jackpot: Every single day, punters stand a chance of hitting a highly lucrative jackpot playing the Daily Jackpot. Daily Jackpot comes with 10 legs and it uses the 1×2 betting system. What this essentially means is that punters are asked to choose the outcome of the legs among Home Team win, Draw or Away Team wins.  
  • Milli Jackpot: Flooks also offers the Milli Jackpot. The Milli Jackpot comes with 13 legs and it also uses the 1×2 betting system. What differentiates the Milli Jackpot from the Daily Jackpot is their running time.     

How to Find the Jackpot on the Site

To start placing bets at Flooks for the chance to hit jackpots, punters will need to follow the steps below:

  • Login or Sign Up at Flooks
  • When punters load the homepage, they will need to check for the Menu icon which is located on the leftmost side of the header section   
  • When punters have located the Menu icon, they will need to check for the Jackpots button which will redirect them to the Jackpots page    
  • On the Jackpots page, punters will get to see the Daily Jackpot button, Milli Jackpot button and the button redirecting punters to the previous rounds’ results. Depending on the jackpot the punter is looking to play, he can choose between Daily Jackpot or Milli Jackpot – if looking to check if his ticket won or not, then the previous rounds’ results buttons will come in handy
  • When the punter has chosen the jackpot he wants to play, the next thing is to make the predictions and generate the ticket. 

Flooks Jackpot Schedule

The Daily Jackpot as its name suggests runs daily (24 hours). The round from the previous day comes to an end at 08:00 hours the following day – a new round will also commence at that same time and end the following day. The Milli Jackpot is a bi-weekly jackpot.      


The minimum stake that punters can use when they want to generate their tickets is KSh 10.00. The maximum stake is not explicitly stated so punters will get to know more about this when they want to place their bets.   

Jackpot Bonus Amount

The Daily Jackpot and Milli Jackpot operate as pooled jackpots. What this therefore means is that the prizes offered may fluctuate depending on the total amount staked. However, as a general rule, punters ought to know that the prizes of the Daily Jackpot regardless of the total staked amount rises over KSh 100 000 while that of the Milli Jackpot rises over KSh 1 000 000.     

Consolation Prizes

There are no consolation prizes for those who play the Daily Jackpot. However, for those who play the Milli Jackpot, they stand to receive consolation prizes, if they only get 10, 11 or 12 correct predictions. Consolation prizes are only known after all bets have been placed.   

Flooks Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • Once a jackpot bet has been captured in the system, punters cannot request for a cancellation or amendment.
  • The jackpots prize can increase if not week in previous rounds. 
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to withhold ninety percent of any prize share until the prize presentation ceremony.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to pay the whole amount of any prize to a winner by cheque or bank transfer. 
  • As part of the payment process, winners are required to provide an acceptable proof of identity to facilitate payment.
  • The jackpot amount shall be divided equally among the jackpot bonus winners when there are multiple winners.  


When looking for a bookmaker whose beauty is omnipresent in all aspects from the graphics to the services and products on offer, then Flooks is the place to be.