GSB Jackpot Prediction

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Gal Sport Betting has established itself as one of the most reputable online betting sites in Tanzania. Gal Sport Betting has managed to reach the dizzy heights of success that it now commands owing to a number of factors one of which includes the fact that it offers a whole host of sports betting services. One of these includes the widely popular Gal Sport Betting Jackpot. You also have GSB Uganda.

Gal Sport Betting Jackpot

The Gal Sport Betting Jackpot comes in two parts. The first one is a weekly jackpot while the other is a weekend jackpot. Both require you to make a correct score prediction or a sure win prediction. These jackpots are as follows:     

  • Super 7: The first jackpot at Gal Sport Betting is the Super 7 jackpot which runs during the week. The Super 7 jackpot coupon comes with just 7 legs and these 7 legs all consist of weekday games. The legs are drawn from football leagues across the world but mostly the English Premier League and the Championship. 
  • My 13 Jackpot: The second jackpot is a weekend jackpot which takes place every weekend. My 13 jackpot coupon comes with 13 legs. These legs are drawn from leagues across the world but punters can expect to find legs mostly drawn from England’s top tier leagues. Both the Super 7 and My 13 Jackpot do use the 1×2 betting format meaning punters when making predictions have to choose if the Home Team is going to win, if the match is going to end in a draw or if the Away Team is going to win.       

How to Find the Jackpot on the Site

Whether punters are looking to try out the Super 7 jackpot during the week or the My 13 Jackpot on weekends, the steps that they have to follow on the Gal Sport Betting website to reach the desired jackpot are the same and they are as follows:

  • Login or Sign Up at Gal Sport Betting
  • The main taskbar on the homepage lists all the services offered at this gambling establishment and punters can search for the Jackpot button.   
  • When punters click the Jackpot button, they are redirected to the Jackpot page where they get to play the jackpot that’s currently open – note that when you login during weekdays, the Super 7 will be the only jackpot available and when you login on weekends, the My 13 Jackpot will be the only jackpot available.  
  • As soon as punters are redirected to the Jackpots page, they will instantly get to see all the legs for the current round and thus they simply have to make their predictions and proceed to generate their ticket.

GSB Jackpot Schedule

There are two jackpots at Gal Sport Betting. The first one is a weekly jackpot meaning it consists of matches that take place from Monday to Friday. The second one is a weekend jackpot known as the My 13 Jackpot and it consists of matches that run on Saturdays and Sundays only.       

GSN Jackpot Stakes

Punters looking to play the Super 7 or My 13 Jackpot will need to have at least 1000 Tanzanian Shillings as that is the minimum stake required to generate a ticket.  

GSB Jackpot Bonus Amount

The Super 7 Jackpot is a fixed jackpot which comes with a jackpot bonus amount of 10 million shillings. The second jackpot that is, My 13 Jackpot operates more like a toto jackpot. What this essentially means is that there is no fixed jackpot bonus amount. Punters ought to know that the jackpot bonus amount fluctuates every week depending on whether there were winners in the previous round or not. Despite this though, punters can expect to pocket a jackpot bonus amount which hovers around the 50 million shillings mark.      

Consolation Prizes

Gal Sport Betting rewards punters who fail to hit all correct predictions but fall slightly short of the required target. For the weekend jackpot, punters who get 12, 11 and even 10 correct predictions will receive a little something as consolation prizes. For the Super 7, punters who manage to get 6 correct predictions will also walk away with consolation prizes.     

Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • The payout for the weekend jackpot is cumulative.
  • The 1×2 betting format is used for both the Super 7 and My 13 Jackpot.
  • Only the results obtained in the regulation 90 minutes as well as added stoppage time (if any) is considered.
  • My 13 Jackpot mostly draws it legs from the English leagues especially the Championship.      


The mere fact that Gal Sport Betting offers two jackpots which run one after the other is something to celebrate as this means that punters at all times can expect to find a promotion that aids them to win a handsome payout.