Hamabet Jackpot Predictions

Brazil is considered to be the global footballing nation and when it comes to Africa, it’s safe to say that the African footballing nation is Nigeria. The reason why we say this with much conviction is that Nigeria has millions of football crazy fans and also it produces a lot of top quality footballers every single year. The focus of this article is on the former that is, the millions of football crazy fans in Nigeria and on betting online in Nigeria. What we want to tell them is that they can generate a lot of money by simply making use of their football knowledge. This they can do when they play the sports betting jackpot at Hamabet affectionately known as the Super 10 Jackpot. This jackpot is no longer available. Please rather bet on fixed odds betting, using our predictions: sure bets, correct score predictions and gg predictions.

Hamabet Jackpot

Before one can start making big money at Hamabet, there are some things that the punter has to keep in mind at all times. These include:     

  • The Hamabet sports betting jackpot coupon comes with 10 legs. These 10 legs are drawn from professional leagues around the world.
  • At Hamabet, punters have the freedom to spread their risk by covering their options by selecting two or even all the three outcomes from the same event.
  • Punters who are feeling lucky may make use of the Lucky Dip which will make automatic predictions on their behalf.
  •  The Super 10 Jackpot uses the 1×2 betting format meaning punters have to predict if the Home Team is going to win, if the match is going to end in a draw or if the Away Team is going to win.

How to Find the Hamabet Jackpot on the Site

When it comes to the Hamabet Jackpot, the following are the steps that punters need to take in order to generate their bets: 

  • Login or Sign Up at Hamabet
  • In the header tab, check for the Pool betting button.   
  • After clicking the pool betting button, the punter is redirected to the jackpots page.  
  • Once the jackpots page load, the punter will see all the legs for the current leg and the punter will simply need to make his predictions and generate his ticket. 

Hamabet Jackpot Schedule

The Super 10 Jackpot runs weekly. The legs on the Super 10 Jackpot are drawn from countries across the world and as such, punters can expect to find legs from some of the popular professional leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, France Ligue 1 and the Spanish La Liga.      

Hamabet Stakes

The minimum stake that the punter needs to generate his ticket at Hamabet is N100.   

Hamabet Jackpot Bonus Amount

Punters who are fortunate enough to predict correctly all the 10 legs for a particular round will win a whopping N1 000 000!       

Hamabet Consolation Prizes

For those punters who are unfortunate to miss out by just one leg (and get the other 9 legs correct), Hamabet will offer them a little something as a consolation prize.

Hamabet Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • To generate a Super 10 Jackpot ticket, punters must make 10 predictions.
  • Punters can select two or even all three match outcomes from the same event.
  • Punters can make use of the Lucky Dip button which will make automatic predictions on behalf of the punter.
  • Additional selections made on more than one match will cause the stake to increase depending on the combinations selected.
  • Once a ticket has been generated, the punter cannot cancel, amend or request for a refund.
  • Bets may be placed up until the first of the 10 matches kicks off. The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page.
  • Results of all matches as well as prizes for winners will be published in the Previous Results section on the pool betting page by noon on Monday or Tuesday, depending on whether the last match was played on Sunday or Monday.        
  • Matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including injury time.


Football crazy fans in Africa’s footballing nation that is; Nigeria can improve their sports betting prospects when they play the Hamabet Super 10 Jackpot. The beauty of the jackpot is that punters who are unfortunate to hit all 10 correct predictions by a whisker will receive a little something as consolation.