M Bet Jackpot Predictions

Jackpot has ended.

M-Bet is heralded as one of the top betting sites in Africa. At M-Bet, punters can place football bets on any of the professional leagues in the world whether European, Asian, American or African leagues. In addition, if punters fail to find the game that they want to bet on, they can even request the bookmaker to come up with odds specifically for that match! Just cool isn’t it? Well, it’s important for punters to know that special requests can only be made for professional leagues. To add to the fun, M-Bet recently came up with the concept of a sports jackpot – this allows punters to earn even higher rewards for placing bets. Punters looking to learn more about the special M-Bet sports jackpot simply need to continue reading this review.  M-Bet currently operate in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.

M-Bet Jackpot

The sports jackpot offered at M-Bet is known as M-Bet Perfect 12. The pointers below will help punters to understand what Perfect 12 is all about:   

  • The Perfect 12 coupon comes with 12 legs. The legs are pre-selected by the bookmaker and they are drawn from leagues from all over the world.
  • The 1×2 betting system is used when placing bets at M-Bet. Essentially what this means is that punters are required to predict the Match Results (correct score prediction) of the 12 legs choosing among Home Team win, Draw or Away Team win.
  • In addition to the 12 legs, there are five other reserved fixtures on each coupon. When generating a ticket, the punter must also make predictions for the reserve fixtures. Reserve fixtures come into play when one or more legs from the 12 priority legs fail to commence owing to unforeseen circumstances. However, if there all 12 priority legs take place as scheduled, then the reserve fixtures bear no consequence to the punter regardless of whether they win or not.

How to Find the Mbet Jackpot on the Site

To generate one’s ticket at M-Bet, punters will need to follow the steps below:

  • Login or Sign Up at M-Bet
  • Once on the homepage, punters must check the tab in the header section which has different icons all representing specific services that M-Bet has to offer   
  • In the header section, punter must check for white Spade icon with the inscription JACKPOT  
  • Clicking the JACKPOT icon will instantly take punters to the jackpots page where they will see the leg selections for the current jackpot  

Jackpot Schedule

The Perfect 12 jackpot often runs on a daily basis. What this therefore means is that punters on each day stand a chance of hitting the massive jackpot. The opening hour of the Perfect 12 round is published the day before to allow punters to do their research before generating their tickets. The round comes to a close the next morning.       


To generate the Perfect 12 ticket, punters need to stake with a minimum of KSh 60.00. Modes of payments supported at M-Bet include mobile wallet, M-Pesa, and Airtel Money.    

M-Bet Perfect 12 Jackpot Bonus Amount

The exact amount that the winners stand to receive can only be known after the betting window has been shut and the total staked amount is known. This is because Perfect 12 uses the pool betting system.      

Consolation Prizes

While the objective is to make twelve correct predictions, sometimes, punters may fall slightly short of this target and end up with just 9, 10 or 11 correct predictions. If this happens, punters need not worry as M-Bet will avail to them a little something as a consolation prize. Just like the main jackpot prize, punters can only get to know the exact consolation prize amount once the betting window has been shut and the total staked amount is known.   


The M-Bet Perfect 12 is a great jackpot to engage in as it allows punters the opportunity to win massive amounts of money when they make correct predictions. The beauty of the jackpot is that it uses the 1×2 betting system which simply requires punters to place Match Result predictions instead of doing the harder task of predicting correct scores. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that Perfect 12 is the jackpot to settle for.