Nairabet Jackpot Prediction

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Nairabet Jackpot

There is a lot that punters need to note when it comes to the Colossus jackpot and this information is going to be spelt out in the pointers below:  

  • Colossus jackpot covers three sports that is Football, Horseracing and eSports. 
  • When it comes to the eSports, punters can only make Match Result predictions. When it comes to Football, punters can choose several pool types which include 1X2 (Match Results), Correct Score, Asian Handicap, Over/Under, BTTS (Both Teams to Score). When it comes to horseracing, punters can choose among Win, Place or Finishing Order.
  • Colossus jackpot rewards those who closely miss out with their predictions.
  • Punters can sell all or part of their tickets back to Colossus and lock in a profit regardless of the outcome in the remaining legs in the pool.
  • Colossus is a pooled jackpot which means the prize that the punter stands to win when he makes correct predictions depend on his stake – the higher the stake, the higher the potential prize and the lower the stake, the lower the potential prize.
  • Each set of selections is known as a line. The punter can make multiple selections per leg but this will increase the cost of generating the ticket (stake).
  • Punters can make solo bets that is, funding and generating tickets by themselves. Alternatively, punters can also create and join syndicates thereby engaging in crowd betting.
  • When punters fail to make up their minds in time, they may use the Smart Pick to make auto predictions.   

How to Find the Nairabet Jackpot on the Site

At Nairabet, punters need to follow the steps below in order to generate their tickets:

  • Login or Sign Up at Nairabet
  • On the homepage, check the tab on the leftmost side of the screen running from the header to the footer – select the Colossus option   
  • Once punters have been redirected to the jackpots page, they have the option to choose between Horseracing or Sports – when punters opt for the Sports button, they are further required to select between Football or eSports  
  • Depending on the punter’s choice, they can start to make their Football, Horseracing or eSports predictions
  • When all is done, punters will need to choose their preferred stake and proceed to generate their ticket.

Nairabet Jackpot Schedule

Different jackpot coupons at Nairabet do have different schedules. Some run on a daily basis, others twice weekly and others on a weekly basis. Punters therefore need to check the start and end times before generating their tickets. Another important thing to note for punters is that schedules are in part dependent on legs meaning tickets with more legs such as the Pick 10 and Pick 8 may run for longer than tickets with a limited number of legs such as the Pick 3 and Pick 4 options.  


Minimum stakes at Nairabet differ depending on the sport one chooses as well as the pool type he is going for. When it comes to horseracing, the minimum stake for the Win market is 2 pounds or equivalent. However, if the punter chooses to go for the Place market, the minimum stake reduces to 1 pound. When it comes to eSports and Football, solo punters are required to generate a ticket with at least 2 pounds. However, when they place their bets as part of a syndicate, the minimum stake significantly reduces to just 20p or equivalent.  

Nairabet Jackpot Bonus Amount

As the Colossus jackpot is a pool jackpot, it means that the jackpot amount is dependent on the number of punters who have placed bets as well as the total amount of all placed stakes. Punters therefore can only know the exact amount that they stand to win once the betting window has been shut and the total staked amount is known.   

Consolation Prizes

Nairabet offers consolation prizes for punters who closely miss hitting the jackpot. Just like the jackpot prize, punters cannot know beforehand the consolation prizes they stand to receive.


The Colossus jackpot is something that all punters should engage in and be part of. This largely owing to the fact that it’s a pooled jackpot which has the potential of spitting out massive amounts of money when one wins.