PM Bet Jackpot Prediction

PM Bet Jackpot

The pointers below illustrate what the PM Bet jackpot is all about:     

  • The PM Bet jackpot comes with 12 legs. The legs are drawn from various professional football leagues across the world.
  • The 1×2 betting format is used when placing bets. This format entails that the punter chooses if the Home Team is going to win, makes a draw prediction or if the Away Team is going to win.
  • In addition to the 12 legs, the PM Bet jackpot coupon also comes with 5 reserve fixtures. The punter is also asked to make predictions for the 5 reserve fixtures. These fixtures only come in handy when one or more of the legs on the first 12 legs get cancelled, suspended or abandoned. The reserve fixtures thus are used as replacements for the cancelled, suspended or abandoned fixtures.
  • Punters are free to make two predictions on the same event/match. However, when this happens, the number of legs on the coupon increases and so too does the minimum stake amount. The maximum number of legs that punters may make two bets on the same event is 7 and when this is the case, the number of legs on the coupon rises to 17.        

How to Find the PMBet Jackpot on the Site

For the punter to start enjoying his PM Bet sports betting jackpot adventure, he will need to follow the steps below:

  • Login or Sign Up at PM Bet
  • Once the homepage loads, the punter can check the taskbar for the Jackpot button.   
  • Once the punter clicks the Jackpot button, he will be instantly redirected to the jackpot page where he will instantly get to see all the legs for the current round.    
  • Using the 1×2 betting format, the punter has to make his predictions for the 12 legs as well as the five reserve fixtures.
  • After making the predictions, the next step for the punter is to make the payment and proceed to generate the ticket.

PM Bet Jackpot Schedule

The PM Bet jackpot mostly runs on weekends. What this therefore means is that punters looking to win the PM Bet jackpot will need to concentrate more on leagues and football tournaments whose fixtures largely take place on weekends. However, at times, PM Bet does enable the jackpot to run weekly – this is the case when some of the fixtures take place on weekdays. Not a fan to PMBet, take a look at all the Tanzania betting sites


1000 Tanzanian shillings is the minimum stake at PM Bet for all punters looking to play the PM Bet jackpot. However, it’s important to note that the jackpot coupon fixtures can increase if the punter chooses to make two predictions on the same event. When this happens, the minimum stake amount increases. The higher the number of legs, the higher the minimum stake amount.    

PMBet Jackpot Bonus Amount

The PM Bet jackpot is a cumulative jackpot. What this essentially means is that the jackpot bonus amount increases if there are no winners from the previous round. The jackpot bonus amount however hovers around the 50 million shillings range.     

Consolation Prizes

PM Bet does not just reward the fortunate punters who manage to get all the 12 predictions correct. Punters who fail to get all 12 predictions correct can still walk home with something in their wallets. Punters who get 11, 10 and even 9 correct predictions will receive a little something from PM Bet as consolation prizes.      


After what seemed like an eternity as professional leagues had suspended their operations owing to the devastating corona virus pandemic, it now seems that there is some light at the end of the tunnel as some leagues are resuming. What this therefore means is that punters are also set to resume their indulgence in their favourite pastime and what better way to do that than by playing the highly lucrative PM Bet sports betting jackpot.