Shabiki Jackpot Predictions

Shabiki Jackpot

At Shabiki, punters can benefit from two highly lucrative jackpots which are as follows:   

  • Daily Jackpot: The Daily Jackpot runs on each day of the week at Shabiki thereby giving punters the opportunity to win big money every single day of the week. The Daily Jackpot coupon comes with 13 legs and the punter is tasked with predicting correctly if the Home Team or Away Team is going to win the match. In addition, punters can also predict if the match is going to end in a draw. Essentially, this means the Daily Jackpot uses the 1X2 betting format. The legs on the Daily Jackpot coupon are drawn from leagues across the world.  
  • Mbao Jackpot: Mbao Jackpot is quite a unique and innovative jackpot. Punters are given the room to choose the number of legs that they want thereby the punter can choose as many legs as possible. The minimum number of legs on the ticket is 10. However, it’s important to note that each leg on the coupon has its own stake hence more stakes mean higher stakes. This jackpot uses the Total Goals Scored betting format and thus is different from the Daily Jackpot. To place bets, punters simply need to input the number of goals that he thinks both teams will score in 90 minutes.

Unfortunately owing to the devastating effects of the corona virus pandemic, Shabiki at the present moment is not accepting jackpot bets as there are limited leagues which are going on.

How to Find the Shabiki Jackpot on the Site

Having read about the Daily Jackpot and the Mbao Jackpot, it’s obvious that punters are eager to give these highly lucrative jackpots a try. Well, if you want to do that, then you will need to follow the steps below:  

  • Login or Sign Up at
  • Once you log in to your account, you will instantly get to see both the Mbao Jackpot and the Daily Jackpot.   
  • The punter therefore simply needs to choose the jackpot he wants to go for and he can proceed to start placing his bets.  
  • After making all the predictions, the punter will have to finish off by placing his stake and then generating his ticket. 

Shabiki Jackpot Schedule

The Mbao Jackpot when running it runs weekly. This therefore gives punters ample time to do some research and to make informed bets. This essentially increases their probability of hitting the jackpot. On the other hand, the Daily Jackpot as its name suggests runs daily thereby allowing punters to keep trying their luck on each day of the week until such a time they hit the jackpot. If you would prefer to make your own bets, you can use our multibet predictions, or our both teams to score predictions.


When it comes to the Mbao Jackpot, punters ought to know that Shabiki gives them the freedom to choose the number of legs they want on their coupon (the minimum required number of legs is 10). However, each leg is charged at KShs 25 meaning the punter will need to pick legs that correspond to his bankroll. When it comes to the Daily Jackpot, punters ought to know that the minimum stake is set at KShs 30.    

Shabiki Jackpot Bonus Amount

The Jackpot prize for the Daily Jackpot is a cool KShs 300 000. However, this bonus amount is subject to revision in accordance with Shabiki rules and regulations. The jackpot prize for the Mbao Jackpot is a massive KShs 20 000 000! Likewise, this bonus amount is subject to revision in accordance with Shabiki rules and regulations.     

Consolation Prizes

The major shortcoming at Shabiki is the fact that there are no consolation prizes for punters who fail to hit the required target by a whisker – this is the case only when there is a punter/s who manage to get the 10 predictions correct for the Grand Jackpot or 13 correct predictions for the Daily Jackpot. However, this is compensated by the fact that if there are no outright winners, Shabiki reserves the right to select a winner of any jackpot with fewer predictions out of the required (10 for Grand Jackpot and 13 for Daily Jackpot).  

Shabiki Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • Shabiki reserves the right to revise the jackpot bonus amount upwards or downwards at any time – when it does, it communicates the new jackpot prize to all punters via SMS, the website, the media or by means of any other communication.
  • Valid predictions are correct predictions based on the outcome of the match in the 90 minutes of normal time and any other added stoppage time only – extra time and penalty shootout results are not considered.
  • Winners of the jackpots are selected by the system based on correct and valid predictions.
  • In the event that there is more than one winner with the highest correct predictions, the winnings will be shared among all of them.     


Shabiki offers two highly lucrative sports betting jackpots that all punters must be a part of. The jackpots use two different betting formats thereby giving some variety to punters who want to engage in them.