Sportybet Jackpot Predictions

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Sportybet Jackpot

The jackpot offered at Sportybet is known as the Sporty 12 and we are going to share more details about Sporty 12 using the pointers below:  

  • The Sporty 12 jackpot uses the 1×2 betting system – essentially, this means the punter is required to predict the correct score or make a draw prediction (Home Team win, Away Team win or Draw).
  • As can be derived from its name, Sporty 12 is a jackpot that consists of 12 legs meaning the punter has to make 12 predictions to stand a chance of hitting the jackpot.
  • The legs are chosen by the betting site meaning that all that’s required from the punter is to simply which team is going to win its match.
  • Once the punter has made his predictions and generated his ticket, the ticket cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded
  • It’s possible for the punter to make more than one prediction per match. However, if the punter decides to do this, it will mean the cost of the ticket will increase
  • When generating a ticket, the punter may make use of the Jackpot Rush button which will make automatic match predictions  
How to Find the Jackpot Sportybet

Having seen what Sportybet jackpot is all about, it’s our guess that punters are raring to go and give Sportybet a try. If you are one such punter, then you will need to follow these steps to generate your ticket:

  • Login or Sign Up at Sportybet Uganda.
  • On the homepage, look at the header section and you will see a tab detailing all the services on offer – scroll the options available till you come across the JACKPOT button  
  • Proceed to click on the JACKPOT button and you will be redirected to the JACKPOT page
  • On the Jackpot page, you will be immediately greeted by the current round of jackpot matches
  • Make your predictions and proceed to generate your ticket.

Jackpot Schedule

The Sporty12 is a weekly jackpot. At the same time, Sportybet will unveil the new 12 legs for the upcoming week’s jackpot which will also end on the following Saturday. Match results are broadcast on the Jackpot page on the following Monday.   


When it comes to stakes, the minimum amount that the punter needs to generate a ticket is N100/KES 50/GHS1. However, as we stated earlier, it’s possible for the punter to make more than one prediction on a single leg and if the punter decides to do this, the stake will increase by N100/KES 50/GHS1. Every additional combination made by the punter will attract a N100/KES 50/GHS1 increase.

Jackpot Bonus Amount

The prize pool for the Sporty12 jackpot stands at N10 000 000/GHS 25000/KES 5000 000! This is a massive amount of money which every punter dreams of winning. With such a large amount of money of offer, there is no need to dilly dally, once you are done with the article, you need to go and generate your ticket at Sportybet. 

Consolation Prizes

Sportybet does not just reward those who are fortunate enough to make 12 correct predictions. If a punter’s ticket loses by just one or two legs, then there is something to smile about as Sportybet will avail a little something as a consolation prize.

Jackpot Terms and Conditions

  • Sportybet awards consolation prizes for punters who correctly predict 10 or 11 match results.
  • The punter can make more than one prediction on a single leg but for an additional stake.
  • After generating a ticket, the punter is not able to cancel, amend or request for a refund.
  • The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page hence the punter must abide by this time to guard against voiding of the ticket.
  • Punters are able to make automatic predictions when they make use of the Jackpot Rush button.  


Sporty12 is a great jackpot to be part of more so considering that it uses the 1×2 betting system which simply requires punters to make match result predictions instead of more tougher bets such as the Correct Scores market.