Best Betting sites Liberia

Liberia is a western African country which is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture, despite having all these, it is such a shame that Liberia is poor in human capital, infrastructure, and stability. If you know how the world of gambling/betting works, you will certainly know that the betting industry thrives in such countries because the working class and poor people gamble more with the hope that one day they will hit that elusive jackpot that will totally change their lives.

The betting industry in Liberia is growing immensely and this can be seen by the rise in the number of bookmakers which are operating both land based and online platforms. Betting in Liberia is safe due to the fact that the Liberia gaming industry is well-regulated with a clear set of laws. Gambling was legalised in Liberia in the year 1982 up to date and online gambling is also legalised in 1999. Gaming operations and activities in Liberia are regulated by the National Lottery Authority (NLA), the NLA is responsible for the licensing of bookmakers.

The legalisation of online gambling in Liberia immensely boosted the Liberian gambling industry because online betting opens even more opportunities than just land based betting. One of the most important things about online betting is the convenience it brings, not just for the punter but also for the bookmaker itself. Ever since online betting was legalised in Liberia, it has become much easier for punters to participate in any form of betting without having to show up at a physical venue in order to be able to play and this makes betting convenient. Bookmakers can now easily establish their business because there suddenly is no need to set up physical betting outlets as they can operate an online platform. 

Liberia has both local and international bookmakers operating in this country and some of the bookmakers which operate in Liberia include Winners, Premierbet, Bettomax, Starbet, Doxxbet amongst others, having such a huge number of bookmakers operating in this country has significantly improved this industry because each and every bookmaker is doing all it can to attract punters and this will ensure that the Liberian punters get an exceptional betting service with most bookmakers. The bookmakers in Liberia offer its customers with several betting products such as Casino, Sports Betting, Lucky Numbers, Virtual Sports, Esports amongst other great betting products. Below are some of the bookmakers which operate in Liberia;


Doxxbet is an international bookmaker which was established in 1994 in Malta. The bookmaker operates in a number of countries including Liberia where it is very popular amongst punters. Doxxbet was registered in Liberia in 2012 and it operates legally as it is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery commission of Liberia. The bookmaker offers sports betting on a number of sports including esports and you will always find something to bet on.


Bettomax is one of the most popular bookmakers in Liberia because it offers its customers with a wide range of betting products namely Sports Betting, Live Betting, Bingo, Virtual Racing, Spin2Win, Virtual World, Casino Games, Bonuses and Tutorials, this is quite a lot of betting products and it proves that Bettomax is a serious bookmaker. The bookmaker offers several sporting disciplines and the good things that there are several leagues and tournaments for each and every sport so there are several betting opportunities on the platform. What makes the bookmaker a darling to the Liberian punters is the fact that Bettomax offers some of the best odds in Liberia and the betting markets on all the products offered are plenty. The bokmaker has a great online betting platform which allows punters to easily place their bets online online, meaning that they can place their bets from the comfort of their homes or on the go.


Winners is a very popular Liberian bookmaker which offers its customers with with an array of entertaining and thrilling gaming opportunities and the most exciting and dynamic experience. Winners is not an illegal bookmaker but it operates legally as it acquired its sports betting license from the Government of the Republic of Liberia in 2009 and has been operating for more than a decade since January 2010. If you Sign Up with Winners, you will immediately have access to a wide range of betting and gaming products such as Sports, Live betting, Virtual Betting as well as slots. At the moment the bookmaker offers a total of four sports and we are hopeful that more sporting disciplines will be added soon. Winners has a great online platform which allows you to easily bet conveniently, you will also be excited to know that you can also easily bet on the platform using any mobile device of your choice because the website is optimised for mobile use. Besides the great online platform, Winners also operates several gaming stations which are spread throughout Liberia.


Starbet is a relatively new bookmaker which operates in the Republic of Liberia, the bookmaker is operating legally as it is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Authority (NLA). The main reason behind the creation of Starbet is that the bookmaker aims to become a leading sports betting and gaming company in Liberia and they are making huge strides towards achieving their goal because by just taking a look at the Starbet website, you will see that the bookmaker means business. Starbet offers a number of betting opportunities for their punters on a number of betting products like Sports, Virtual Sports and Jackpot.

Premier Bet

Premier Bet is the African success story in terms of betting in Africa because the bookmaker is one of the most popular African bookmaker which operates in a number of African countries including Liberia. The bookmaker operates legally in Liberia as it is licenced by the Gaming Board of Liberia. Very little seperates Premier Bet and some of the world renown bookmakers so if you sign up with Premierbet, you are signing up with a world class bookmaker and you will certainly get a world class betting experience. Premier Bet offers its customers with a wide range of sports on its platform including Sports, Live Betting, Vegas, Lotto, Boosts and several other exciting betting products. The good thing about betting with Premier Bet is that you get several betting opportunities because the bookmaker offers several betting markets and very favourable odds which are very competitive in the betting industry. The bokmaker has a great online betting platform which allows punters to easily place their bets online and they have also developed an Android App which provides unlimited access to sports betting platforms and live scores.

What do most players bet on in Liberia?

The current Liberian president, George Weah, is a former Ballon d’Or winner and has played for teams such as PSG, AC Milan, Chelsea, Monaco amongst others, this should tell you a lot about the status of soccer amongst the Liberians. To be honest, soccer is the most popular sport in Liberia and as such, it is also the sport punters mostly bet on because punters tend to bet on the sports they enjoy and are familiar with as this enhances their chances of winning. 

Besides soccer betting, people also bet on basketball as it is a popular sports in Liberia and their basketball league is mimmicked after the NBA and is called the LBA (Liberia Basketball Association). It is important to note that a substantial amount of bets are also placed on sports such as cricket, tennis, boxing amongst other sports which are popular in Liberia.

Technology has greatly improved the betting industry and there are two types of betting products which are very popular at the moment in Liberia, namely Esports and Virtual Sports. One of the main reasons why these two have taken the betting industry by storm is because they are not affacted by things such as contact like real sports and so punters were able to bet even at a time when countries were subjected to national lockdowns. Virtual sports betting offers punters with several betting opportunites because the games are available 24/7 and this is also another reason why punters enjoy betting on these products.   

Punters in Liberia enjoy betting on Casino but it is not as popular as the aforementioned betting products, one of the main reasons is that punters think that Casino is a bit complicated, which is obviously not the case. Luckynumbers is also another betting product on demand but the only problem is that not many bookmakers are offering luckynumbers at the moment in Liberia.