Most Popular Live Soccer Betting Markets

Soccer is arguably the most followed sport world over. Soccer fans aren’t just restricted to the spectators who fill huge stadiums each match day but include also punters who get satisfaction as they make predictions about certain occurrences and non-occurrence’s during a match. In days gone by, punters could only make predictions before soccer matches commenced. That’s no longer the case however nowadays thanks to the ingenuity of some software developers. Today, even after a match has commenced, punters can still place their bets – this type of betting is what is known as live soccer betting. At times, it’s also labeled as in-play betting.

Just as is the case with the type of betting that’s done before a match has commenced, punters looking to place in-play bets ought to know that there are a wide variety of betting markets they can choose from. In fact, most betting markets that are available for punters looking to place bets before a match commences are also available when it comes to live betting. Below, we are going to take time to highlight the most popular live betting markets.

Top 5 Live Soccer Betting Markets and How They Work

Match Result

The Match Result market is arguably the most popular of all live soccer betting markets. Here, the objective is to predict the team that is going to win the match in regulation team between the Home Team and the Away Team. The punter also has the option of choosing if the two teams playing will end the match as a draw.

One of the reasons why this betting market is popular is necessitated by the fact that punters are able to see the flow of the game and as such, can from a point of knowledge pick the team to likely snatch the win. Occurrences such as one team losing influential players to injury during the match can help sway the mind of the punter to choose the opposing team knowing full well that the danger man is out of the match. We provide full time correct score predictions for all matches today and tomorrow.

Player Props

Player props are also highly popular with punters when it comes to live betting. Essentially, player props are bets made by the punter predicting that a particular player will be involved in a specific event. To put this into perspective, during a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, a punter during the match may pick Mo Salah as the player to score the next goal in the match. Player prop bets come in all shapes and forms. The punter may pick likely players to be cautioned, players to score an own goal, players to take the most number of corner kicks amongst many others.

Team Props

Team props are in most facets similar to player props. The major difference between these two is that when it comes to team props, the punter will be backing the whole team as a whole to be involved in a specific event. For instance, in a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, the punter may pick Liverpool to score the next goal. Other team props include picking the team to score the most goals in a match, team to concede the highest number of fouls, team to receive a penalty during regulation time among many others.

Correct Score

The Correct Score is another of the most popular betting markets. This market is pretty straightforward but it’s a high risk market. The objective here is to predict the exact scoreline of a match. Predicting the exact score makes Correct Score market a high risk market. However, as they say, where there is a big risk, there is also the potential of big rewards.

Both Teams to Score

Both Teams to Score is a pretty straightforward market. Here, the punter will simply place a bet predicting that the teams facing each other will both score. The outcome of the match is not important here that is, it does not matter which team ends up winning the match. For as long as both teams score, the bet will win.