Tanzania Free Bets

Tanzania Betting Bonuse and Free bets

When it comes to betting bonuses, there are some punters who absolutely love them and whenever they see a Tanzania betting site offering one sort of bonus or the other, they are quick to take advantage of them in the hope that they will make some free cash. On the other hand, there are also other punters who are skeptical about bonuses owing to the requirements and conditions that some bonuses come with.

Though it’s indeed correct that some bonuses come with stringent requirements and conditions, there is no harm in opting for these bonuses as they have the potential to spill out some really cool prizes including cash! As such, we do recommend that whatever the requirements or conditions a bonus comes with, simply go for it. If you meet them that’s good for you as you will win some amazing prizes and if not, you lose nothing, in fact, you actually learn some key lessons into what you should do different in order to win the next time.

Having said this, let’s check out the bonuses that await all Tanzanian punters when they settle for one or more of the following betting houses.

SupaBets Bonuses

  • Daily free Draw: Punters at SupaBets Tanzania stand a chance to win TZS 100 000 every single day. All that punters need to do is to register an account and click the Daily Draw button from the homepage. They will be redirected to a different page where there is a large yellow wheel. The punter is given one shot to spin the wheel and stands a chance to win different cash prizes up to the tune of TZS 100 000. Before withdrawing any winnings from this bonus, punters are required to bet with the winnings at least once.
  • App Download Voucher: SupaBets recently introduced Android and iOS apps for its customers. Punters who download the app will instantly receive TZS 20 000 once they login into their accounts for the first time via the app.
  • Extra Betting Bonus: Punters who place a multi-bet ticket with 20+ legs will receive a 75% bonus when the ticket pays out.
  • Bonus for Inviting Friends: Punters can invite their friends to Supa Bets by sending a Sign Up link via WhatsApp or Twitter. If the friends sign up and make their first deposits, the punter who invited them will receive 10% of whatever amount they will have deposited first.

Betpawa Bonuses

  • Welcome Boost: New punters at Betpawa stand to receive a 250% win boost when their first ticket returns a pay out.
  • Jackpot: Betpawa offers an emPawa15 jackpot. Punters who make the correct predictions for all the 15 legs chosen will stand a chance to hit the jackpot of TSh 20 000 000.

Premier Bet Bonuses

  • Virtuals Welcome Offer: Punters looking to place bets on virtual sports at Premier Bet will receive a 100% match up bonus of up to TSh 12 000 when they make their first deposit. Punters will need to opt in to this bonus when making the first deposit.
  • ACCA Bonus: Punters who love accumulators stand to benefit immensely when creating their tickets at Premier Bet. For every selection that the punter gets right, they will receive a percentage increase on winnings starting from 10% up to a massive 100%.
  • Loyalty Club: Punters at Premier Bet Tanzania can opt to join the Loyalty Club. After becoming a member, for every TSh 22 000 stake, the punter will receive a TSh 1 100 free bet. For every TSh 44 000 stake, punters will receive a TSh 23 000 free bet. For every TSh 115 000 stake, punters will receive a TSh 11 500 free bet. For every TSh 230 000 stake, punters will receive a TSh 22 000 free bet. Free bet are credited the following Monday.
  • Electronic Leagues & Simulated Reality Cash Drops: Punters who bet on electronic leagues and simulated reality stand to win TSh 22 000 every week. Premier Bet chooses 500 players at random to give the free TSh 22 000.

TBet Bonuses and Free Bets

  • First Bet Free Bet: New customers at TBet stand an opportunity to receive a free bet when they open their account and open their first ticket.
  • TBoost: Punters who make a multiple team multi-bet with 5+ legs stand a chance to receive a win boost of up to TSh 600 000. The win boost is given as a percentage dependent on the following: team/number of matches selected. The percentage bonus depending on the matches selected is as follows:
  • Team 5 – 5%
  • Team 6 – 6%
  • Team 7 – 7%
  • Team 8 – 8%
  • Team 9 – 9%
  • Team 10 – 10%
  • Team 11 – 12%
  • Team 12 – 14%
  • Team 13 – 16%
  • Team 14 – 18%
  • Team 15 – 20%
  • Money Back Bonus: Tbet will return the punter’s deposit when one game fails from an accumulator ticket with 5+ legs. The deposit is returned as a free bet.

M-Bet Free Bets and Bonuses

  • Loyalty Bonus: Punters who play 5 tickets at the same time will receive a free TSh 500 as a loyalty bonus.
  • Perfect 12 Jackpot: Each week, M-Bet chooses 17 matches that it categorizes as the Perfect 12 games for a particular week. From the 17 chosen matches, 12 are given first priority while the remaining 5 fixtures are reserved for possible cancellations. Punters looking to hit the Perfect 12 Jackpot are required to make the correct predictions for the 12 priority fixtures as well as the reserved 5 fixtures. If the player makes the correct predictions for all 12 fixtures he hits the jackpot – in case, one of the fixtures in the priority list gets cancelled, the first fixture from the reserve list replaces it meaning its result will be in consideration when evaluating potential winners. The punter, therefore, also has to make predictions for the 5 reserved fixtures.

SportPesa Tanzania Betting Bonuses

  • Jackpot: SportPesa Tanzania offers punters the opportunity to hit a jackpot when they make correct predictions for 13 fixtures. The 13 fixtures are chosen solely by SportPesa and they cover different leagues. The SportPesa jackpot is a progressive jackpot meaning it increases/decreases depending on the number of punters who placed their bets as well as the frequency with which it’s hit in successive weeks.

Bingwa Bet Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus: Bingwa Bet offers new punters a first deposit bonus match up of up to TSh 20 000. To receive the bonus, punters will need to proceed to place a bet or series of bets on odds of 3.0 or better soon after making the first deposit. If the bets settle, Bingwa Bet will credit the bonus funds within 24 hours. The bonus funds will have to be wagered at least once first before they are available for withdrawal.
  • Weekly Free Bet: Punters who place at least five TSh 1 000 bets on odds of 2.0 or greater from Monday to Sunday will receive a TSh 1 000 free bet the following Monday.
  • ACCA Winnings Boost: Punters who place ACCA bets with 5 or more bet selections/events will see their total expected winnings being boosted by up to 300%.

PM Bet

  • First Deposit Bonus: New punters at PM Bet will receive a 20% first deposit match up bonus when they make a first deposit of at least TSh 5 000.
  • Express Betting Bonus: Punters who place ACCA bets at PM Bet stand to win up to 100% bonus on winning tickets. The higher the number of matches on the ticket, the higher the percentage bonus the punter stands to win.
  • Cash Back: Punters who place betslips with 3+ legs, with odds greater than 1.40 and wagers of at least THs 100 000 will receive 3% cashback when their ticket loses.
  • Free Bet: Punters who place a bet with 5+ legs stand to receive a free bet plus a part of the betting money when one leg loses. The number the number of matches on the ticket, the higher the free bet the player stands to win.
  • Cancel Bet: When the punter is no longer sure if the bets he made are going to pass or not, PM Bet gives him the opportunity to cancel the bet and in turn, the punter receives back units that he can use to place another bet. This is only possible, however, if the betslip has more than four selections/events and if none of the selections have commenced at the time the punter cancels the bet.

Multibet Bonuses Tanzania

Premierbet Usain Bonus

Touted as one of the best Acca bonuses in Africa, the Usain Bonus gives punters a chance to get a percentage from their winnings from 10% to 100% and this percentage increases with the number of matches on your accumulator.
In order to get the bonus, you need to place a bet on 3 or more selections with minimum odds of 1.20, please note that you will get a bonus for each correct selection. Your bonus will be applied if and only if your bet is a winner.
Check out how the bonus is calculated
Selections     Bonus
3                      10%
4                      15%
5                      20%
6                      25%
7                      30%
8                      35%
9                      40%
10                    45%
11                     50%
12                     55%
13                     60%
14                     65%
15                     70%
16                     75%
17                     80%
18                     85%
19                     90%
20                     95%
21                    100%

Premierbet 10% Boost

The Bundesliga is one of the few soccer leagues which has resumed with their playing schedule behind closed doors and you can bet on the Bundesliga matches and win 10% extra on 3 fold bets.
This Boost promotion from Premierbet runs until the 14th of June 2020 and you have to place your bets within this period because any bets placed or settled outside the promotional period will not qualify for this offer.
The boost will be available on all sports, Pre-match or live, mobile, and the minimum odds per each individual leg is 1.50. Please note that the minimum stake for this promotion is 1,000 TSH whilst the maximum stake is 22,000 TSH and all bets must be placed with real cash.
Boost winnings are calculated on the odds quoted in the Betslip, if the original odds are 2/1 (3.0) and you have a 10% Boost, you will receive odds of 3.3
Premierbet Virtuals Welcome Offer
If you enjoy betting on virtual sports, you will definitely be excited about the 100% Virtuals Welcome offer of up to 12,000TSH on your first deposit which can be used only on virtual sports.
In order for you to withdraw the funds, you are required to wager the bonus 30x on virtual games only. After receiving the bonus, you are expected to complete the wagering process within 14 days.

Supabets Extra 75% Betting Bonus

You can get up to 75% bonus on your Soccer Accumulator bet which has a minimum of three fixtures in the Supabets Extra Betting Bonus promotion.
The bonus you will receive is entirely dependent on the number of events you include in your soccer accumulator, so if you need a big bonus, your accumulator has got to be bigger as well.
The bonus starts at 5% for five fixtures up to 75% for 20 fixtures, the table below shows exactly how the bonus is calculated.
Events                            Bonus
5 events                           5%
6 events                           8%
7 events                           10%
8 events                           15%
9 events                           20%
10 events                         25%
11 events                         30%
12 events                         35%
13 events                          40%
14 events                          45%
15 events                          50%
16 events                          55%
17 events                          60%
18 events                          65%
19 events                          70%
20 events                          75%

Mkekabet Multibet Bonus
Mkekabet has a multi-bet bonus which is applied on multi-bets with a minimum of 5 legs which is calculated on your net winnings.
In order to qualify for this bonus, your accumulator must have minimum odds of 1.33 per selection and you will receive your bonus.
The bonus calculations are as follows;
Number of Selections         Percentage Bonus
5                                                10%
7-8                                             15%
9-10                                            20%
13-15                                          25%

Mkekabet One Out Money Back
Do you keep on getting disappointed by one leg on your multibet? We know a lot of people dread accumulators because of this reason, but you don’t have to anymore because you can get up to 10 times your money back in bonuses if you are only let down by 1 fixture.
You need to bet on an accumulator with a minimum of 7 or more matches and you will qualify for money back if only one match or event on your accumulator loses. The more teams and the higher your odds, the more money back you can claim in bonus bets. 
Void selections do not count in this promotion so if you have an accumulator which consists of void selections, they will be removed and if the remaining fixtures are still 7 and above, you would still qualify for this promotion. 
Check out the table below which shows the amount of teams/events required on your ticket as well as the minimum odds to claim money back.
Teams/Events                            Money Back                          Minimum Odds
7+ Teams or Events                   1 X (Refund)                                   20
11+ Teams or Events             2 X (Double Money Back)                   50
15+ Teams or Events             5 X (Double Money Back)                  100
20 Teams or Events              10 X (Double Money Back)                  250

Mkekabet Money Back Offer
A great promotion for all customers who are yet to make deposits or place bets on the Mkekabet platform. 
A qualifying first cash bet must be of a minimum of TZS1,000 up to a maximum of TZS20,000  and this bet must have minimum odds of 2.0.
The free bet will be awarded to the player’s account the day after the bet has been settled and this offer is only valid until the 30th June 2020.

Betpawa Win Bonus

The Betpawa offers a special bonus for all its customers on their accumulator bets. The bonus amount which you can receive from this offer is dependent on the number of completed matches. 
If you have seventeen legs, Betpawa in Tanzania provides an 85%- bonus. The minimum bonus is 3% at three legs, while the maximum reaches 250% at thirty legs. Cancelled or postponed matches in your accumulator won’t count towards your total.
Below is a table showing how the bonus is calculated;
3 legs                  3% Bonus
4 legs                  5% Bonus
5 legs                 10% Bonus
6 legs                 15% Bonus
7 legs                 20% Bonus
8 legs                 25% Bonus
9 legs                 30% Bonus
10 legs               35% Bonus
11 legs               40% Bonus
12 legs               50% Bonus
13 legs               55% Bonus
14 legs               60% Bonus
15 legs               70% Bonus
16 legs               80% Bonus
17 legs               85% Bonus
18 legs               90% Bonus
19 legs               95% Bonus
20 legs              100% Bonus
21 legs              105% Bonus
22 legs              110% Bonus
23 legs              115% Bonus
24 legs              130% Bonus
25 legs              145% Bonus
26 legs              160% Bonus
27 legs              175% Bonus
28 legs              200% Bonus
29 legs              225% Bonus
30 legs              250% Bonus

BetWinner Accumulator of the day
Another great promotion from BetWinner where you can win by choosing your bet from a number of accumulators offered by the bookmaker on the most exciting sporting events of the day. What happens is that BetWinner will select the most interesting events which have a high likelihood of bringing a profit and combine them into several accumulators on both Sports and Live. The accumulators are selected from more than 1,000 sporting events which are provided by BetWinner daily and If the accumulator of the day wins, your odds will be increased by 10%. You may not use bonus funds for this promotion but bets must be placed using real cash only.
How to place an accumulator bet
Log on to the website.
Go to the home page, or to the Sports or Live sections.
Choose an Accumulator of the Day that takes your fancy.
Place a bet and wait for a win!
How to take part in this offer:
You can only place bets using funds from your main account (excluding bonus funds).
You cannot use an Advancebet for the Accumulator of the Day.
The contents of the Accumulators cannot be changed.
Choose your “Accumulator of the Day” and get a 10% increase in the odds!

BetWinner 25% Deposit Bonus
Register with BetWinner and deposit funds using AstroPay, Paykasa, Jeton and Papara payment systems and BetWinner will credit 25% of your deposit amount to your bonus account.
There is no need to claim the bonus as it is automatically credited to your account after making a deposit.
You must make sure that your account details are fully completed, otherwise the bonus will not be credited to your account.
Withdrawal will only be possible when the bonus amount has wagered 5 times in an accumulator bet with a minimum of 3 events. All the events in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher.

Meridianbet 5% Bonus
Get more bonuses on each and every deposit you make on the Meridianbet platform and this promotion is available to all customers be it new all existing customers.
The minimum deposit which qualifies for this promotion is TSH5,000 and each qualifying deposit will earn you a 5% bonus and the maximum bonus you can get in this promotion is TSH25,000.
This bonus will be credited to your account on the following day after the deposit has been made and expect the deposit by noon. You need to deposit the funds using vodacom, MPesa and Tigo Pesa