Elitebet Uganda

Elitebet is a simple but nonetheless stunning online sports betting site in Uganda. This online sports betting site is primarily into sports betting. As such, sports punters will find the platform to be a great proposition as the majority of professional sports and leagues across the world are all supported. From traditional sports like football and tennis to niche sports like darts and billiards, Elitebet Uganda offers it all. One of the most stunning things about this online gambling platform is the fact that it offers a very simple registration process. There are two registration processes actually that is, web registration and SMS registration. Both processes take just a couple of minutes to complete and once completed, the player can start placing some bets!

Before we go any further in this Elitebet Uganda review, one thing that all sports punters ought to be cognizant of is the fact that Elitebet Uganda is a safe, secure and legit online gambling platform to settle at. This necessitated by the fact that Elitebet Uganda is fully regulated and licensed by the Uganda National Gaming Board.      

 How to Register on Elitebet Uganda

There are three ways in which players at Elitebet Uganda can register their accounts. Namely, there is web registration and SMS registration. It’s advisable for players to choose SMS registration as the process is very simple and fast. Also, SMS registration enables the player to complete two tasks in one process that is, register an account and make the first deposit. On this front, below we share with you the two SMS registration steps that players need to follow in order to open their new accounts:

SMS Registration using MTN mobile phone number

  1. Dial *165#
  2. Select Payments
  3. Select Lotto and Sports Betting
  4. Select ELITEBET
  5. Enter Payment Reference: WEB
  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  7. Confirm and enter your mobile money pin

SMS Registration using Airtel

  1. Dial *185#
  2. Send your funds to 0755831840 or 0701074226
  3. Enter reference: WEB
  4. Confirm and enter your Airtel money pin.

*Players ought to note that once they complete the account registration via SMS, a pin will be sent to the registered phone number. This pin acts as the player’s security credential meaning it’s the one to be used when logging in at all times.    

Banking Methods

Deposits and Withdrawals

  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Airtel

Products Offered

Players who choose to settle at Elitebet Uganda can expect to enjoy the following betting products:

  • Sports Betting: Sports betting is the primary product that’s offered at Elitebet Uganda. As such, punters who settle at this online gambling platform can expect to place bets on a wide variety of sports. Uganda is a football crazy nation and as such, the majority of betting products offered cover football – talk of football leagues from within Uganda, from Africa as a continent and from other continents around the world.   

Elitebet Uganda Promotions

Elitebet Uganda is not a keen believer in bonuses and promotions. The one thing that it believes in, is offering some highly competitive odds to its players. As such, at Elitebet Uganda, sports punters can’t expect to encounter loads of bonuses or promotions. However, they can expect to benefit immensely from the highly competitive odds offered at the gambling platform.      

Round Up

Sports punters looking for a simply online gambling platform in Uganda where they can place bets without any hassles will find Elitebet Uganda to be a great proposition. Elitebet Uganda focuses solely on sports betting services hence casino players aren’t accommodated. When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Elitebet doesn’t really believe in this. What it does believe in however is in offering some highly competitive odds to its players. Just choose any sport to bet on and the guarantee is that the offered odds will be absolutely unbelievable!