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We at Big Free Tips want to help you find the best betting sites in the UK. These include sports betting, casino, slots and bingo sites. If it’s the best site to bet with, then we will find it for you. There are hundreds of betting sites in the UK, and of course we will only discuss and review the one’s which are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.  Although each player will have their own reasons for preferring one betting site over another, most players have similar criteria to gauge and compare betting sites, and determine which ones best meet their betting and entertainment needs. These criteria include: Ease of registration; plenty of deposit options and easy withdrawal process; good registration or deposit bonuses as well as frequent promotions; plenty of different sports to bet on and lots of betting markets; and offers other betting products apart from sport such as casino, bingo, esports, etc.

Easy and Fast Registration

It used to be that to register with an online betting site all you had to do was enter your name and email. Then age verification became vital and you had to enter your Date of birth. Things have only become stricter (for good reason) and now it takes a little more effort to register and the UK betting sites require a more thorough KYC. You can expect to need to enter your full name, email and phone number, age, and physical address. You might then also be required to submit certain documentation, such as a Passport or council bill in your name. This is all to ensure that the betting site protects itself as much as possible against fraud and also to ensure they protect anyone under 18 or with a known gambling addiction.
Although there are now lots of steps required to register with UK betting sites, the best bookmaker can still make the actual registration process easier by having large fields, logical steps to follow, assistance when required, and to ensure they the registration page works well on mobile devices (as this is where most users will be registering from).

Deposit Options

Now that you have registered successfully, the first thing you want to do is deposit some cash so you can start placing bets. Although each player may have their own preferred method to deposit into their betting wallet, the betting site needs to offer as many deposit options as possible, to ensure they cater to everyone. As far as deposit methods go, quantity is king. The various deposit methods include:
Debit Card
Depositing into your betting wallet using a Debit card is the most popular method of topping up in the UK. It’s quick and simple and the funds come directly from your bank balance.
Apply Pay
This is one of the newer betting deposit methods in the UK, and has become fairly popular. Not all UK betting sites accept Apply Pay, but those that do, the deposit option is fast and simple.
Bank Transfer
This is the oldest and still one of the most used deposit methods. You simply log into your online banking and make the manual bank transfer to the betting sites bank account. It is a lot more manual than the other deposit methods, and can take longer to reflect in your betting wallet, but is very simple and widely used.
Neteller is an eWallet. This means that you transfer funds and keep them in your Neteller wallet, and then transfer from this wallet to your betting wallet whenever you want to bet. It is fast and seamless, and players use it if they don’t want their bank to see them using their funds for gambling.
Paypal is one of the original eWallets, and works in the same way as Neteller. The difference is that you can also link PayPal to your credit card and pay via your PayPal account.
As cryptocurrencies become more prevalent, so too does their use in online betting. Some betting sites now accept bitcoin as a deposit method, and it will become more and more popular.
Another eWallet is called Skrill. Skrill works in the same way as Neteller and Paypal.
Paysafe Card
A PaySafe card works like a prepaid card, or giftcard. So you purchase the PaySafe card with a certain denomination on it, and then use this to top up your betting wallet.
Using cash to deposit into your online betting wallet can only be done if you play with a UK betting site that has a retail presence. You will need to go into the betting shop in order to do this.

Wide range of Sports

Although Football is the most popular sport in the UK to bet on, a good betting site needs to offer as many sports as possible. This is to ensure they cater to a wider audience (for example those who like to bet on tennis), but also to ensure there are always games to bet on when football matches might not be. Popular other sports include rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, American football, darts, golf, greyhounds, and motor sports.

Other Betting Products

Apart from betting on sport, UK sites also need to offer alternative betting products. Not all players like betting on sports, and even those that do, like to try different things. These alternative betting options can include Lotto Betting, Virtual sports (including horses, dogs and football), eSports, Casino and simulated reality betting. Although these types of betting products typically represent a lower margin for the bookie, overall they bring in consistent revenue and players like them for their entertainment factor.

Best Betting Bonuses

One of the first things punters look at when trying to decide to try a new uk betting site are the bonuses, free bets and betting promotions. Typically Free Bets are offered in order to entice a player to register. By simply registering you qualify for a certain amount in free bets. These will typically be linked to minimum odds as well as a minimum deposit amount that you need to make. Along with these free bets which are used for acquiring new customers, the bookies offer free bets to keep their existing players coming back and betting. These betting promotions can be linked to certain behaviour such as needing you to make a deposit to qualify, or linked to certain betting products, such as place a bet on a virtual dog and qualify, or linked to a certain match, such as place a bet on the Bundesliga and qualify. Betting bonuses are a massive draw card for players and betting sites use them aggressively. Always make sure you read the small print to ensure you understand exactly what you need to do in order to qualify for the free bet. Other types of promotions include free betting games, that you can play with no money down and still win real cash. These have become very popular since SkyBet launched theirs.

Top 10 Best  UK sites

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