Betking Virtual Predictions

What’s that one thing which certifies the brilliance of an individual or institution in any field of work? The simple answer is an award. A student who excels in school will receive an award for academic brilliance. Likewise, a top performing employee will also be recognized for his/her brilliance by receiving the employee of the month/year award. It’s not just individuals only that receive awards, even companies and institutions that excel in their industry do receive recognition in the form of awards. One such company that has received recognition for the brilliant work it has been doing in its industry is, an online bookmaker.

Betking is the recipient of two prestigious African gaming excellence awards that is, the Global Quality Award 2018 as well as the Fastest Growing Sports BETTING Company 2019. The awards that Betking has received have necessitated it to win the hearts of many punters as punters are attracted to the good things. Well, while awards are definitely a pull factor, there is also another huge pull factor that attracts multitudes of punters to Betking – this relates to the site’s Virtual section. In this article, we are going to explore Betking’s incredible Virtual section. Check out BetKing login my account.

How to Find the Virtuals on Betking

Every punter really should try out the virtuals offered at as they are simply stunning. For those looking to try out the virtuals, they will need to follow the steps outlined below to reach the Virtual section. The steps which are outlined below apply to punters who use the desktop as well as mobile.  

  1. Firstly, before punters reach the Virtual Leagues section, they will need to first reach the Betking homepage. To reach the homepage, web browsers do come in handy. Simply search for and the search engine will do its magic and return some search results. Click on the first search result returned to be taken to the site homepage
  2. When punters reach the homepage, punters will need to navigate to the header tab. Here, they will need to check for the VIRTUAL button and click upon it to be redirected to the Virtuals page
  3. Once redirected to the Virtuals page, punters will get to see the three virtual sports that are currently on offer at Betking

Betking Virtual Sports on Offer

There are three virtual sports that are currently on offer at Betking. These are the Soccer League, Virtual Racing and Virtual Games. Below, we check out these three in detail:

  • Soccer League

The Soccer League has three leagues which consist of the Kings’ League, Kings’ Liga and the Kings’ Italiano. These three leagues simulate the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A respectively. All of the virtual football games take place in just 4 minutes. There are four betting markets that punters can choose from when looking to place football bets which are: Winner, Double Chance, Over/Under and Goal Goal/No Goal.

  • Virtual Racing

Betking also does offer dog racing. The beauty of dog racing is that the races are always on! As such, at any point in time, punters can simply login and start to back their favourite greyhounds. All races take place in just a minute meaning lucky punters may scoop some excellent payouts minute after minute! The betting markets supported when it comes to virtual dog racing include: Winner, Place and Show.

  • Virtual Games

Virtuals at BetKing do not cater only to punters; even players who love casino games can even partake in virtual games betting. There are two virtual games that players may bet on. Firstly, there is the Color-Color game. The game is played on a 6×3 grid. After a spin, players are asked to predict the color as well as the number on the balls that appear after a spin. Players therefore have the option to predict on the overall winning color (highest number of balls with the same color after a spin) as well as matched numbers. The game takes place in just one minute. The second game is the Super 6. In this game, a select number of football games are chosen. The player is tasked with making match result predictions for all the games. If the predictions turn out to be correct, the punter will walk away with some handsome rewards.

Promotions for Virtual Sports

There are no exclusive promotional perks for virtual sports punters at Betking.