Betpawa Virtual Prediction

How to Find the Betpawa Virtuals (On Desktop and Mobile)

To start perusing the Betpawa Virtual Sports section, the very first thing that all punters need to do is to reach the section. How can one reach the Betpawa Virtual Sports section? The answer to this question is provided in detail below. Note that the steps that are outlined below apply both to punters who are using the desktop as well as mobile devices. In instances where navigation steps differ between the two platforms, we will highlight the differences. 

  1. Before we can start talking about reaching the Betpawa Virtual Spots section, we first need to talk about how to reach the Betpawa site. Well, this is actually a very simple process as all that the punter needs to do is to make use of his preferred web browser in searching for Betpawa. Once done, the punter is instantly redirected to the homepage. While still on this, it’s important to highlight the fact that Betpawa comes with a mobile app. As such, instead of using the web browser each time the punter wants to login, they can simply download and install the Betpawa app for easier access to the site
  2. When punters reach the homepage, they will need to navigate to the header tab. It is on this tab that punters will locate the ‘Virtual’ button
  3. Simply click upon the ‘Virtual’ button to be redirected to the site’s Virtual Sports section 
  4. Once redirected to the Virtual Sports section, punters will immediately get to see all the upcoming virtual sports games

Virtual Sports on Offer

Currently, Betpawa just focuses on one virtual sport that is, football. Football fanatics therefore will find the Virtual Sports section at Betpawa to be quite appealing. There are three football leagues that are supported at the site. These are the English Premier League, Spanish League and Italian League. The three football leagues supported are virtual simulations of the real English EPL, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A leagues. One of the most beautiful things about the virtual sports games at this site is that the games take place in just minutes. In just 5 minutes, a game will start and end. For the punter, this is great news as it means that they can place consecutive bets one after the other for as long as there are several games lined up. If lady luck is on the punter’s side, this therefore translates to consecutive wins coming thick and fast! When looking to place bets on virtual games, punters have to choose among five betting markets. The markets are as follows:

  • 1×2: This market simply requires the punter to predict if the game is going to be won by the Home Team, the Away Team or if it is going to end in a stalemate
  • Over/Under: This market requires the punter to predict the margin that a team is going to win/lose by
  • BTTS: BTTS in full Both Teams To Score is a market in which the punter predicts that both teams will score a goal – it does not matter in whose favour the match ends but as long as both teams score, then the punter wins
  • Double Chance: The Double Chance is a less risky market in which a punter predicts that the Home/Away Team is going to win the match or draw. For as long as the team backed by the punter does not lose the match, then he wins
  • Half Time/Half Time: This is one of the most lucrative markets but also a high risk market. The market requires the punter to predict the match’s result at half time and also at full time. The punter has to get both the predictions correct. If the Half Time result is correct but the Full Time result is wrong (or vice versa), then the punter loses

Betpawa Promotions for Virtual Sports

Betpawa is not offering any Virtual Sports promotions at the present moment.