Betpawa Dream Maker

Everyone has dreams in their lives, the only difference is that some dreams are realised but some are not, if you have any dreams, do not despair because Betpawa has a great promotion which helps you to bring your dreams into reality.

What is Betpawa Dream Maker?
A lot of people think only about betting when they hear about Betpawa, that is ok but the Dream Maker uses a different approach because you do not have to place a bet at all, you simply have to tell Betpawa about your dream and they will make sure your dream manifests into reality.
What sort of dream qualifies?
Betpawa appreciates the fact that different people have different dreams and there is no limit to what a person can dream about, hence Betpawa does not dictate the type of dream you will tell them. You need to tell the bookmaker your dream as it is and if Betpawa is inspired by your dream, you could become one of the lucky punters who would be helped by Betpawa to realise their dreams.
How do I enter?
This competition is ongoing as it started on Monday 13th September up to Friday 1st October 2021, during this period, the Betpawa Dream Bus will be touring the whole country and you must make sure you submit your dream when it comes into your area. When submitting your dream, you must provide your mobile number but please note that the mobile number you provide is the one registered to your betPawa account. In October after the promotional period has ended, Betpawa will then decide on which dreams to fulfill.

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