Betway Betting Codes Today

One of the most popular words in the online gambling industry is ‘code’. As soon as players start perusing through stuff that talks about online gambling and betting, it’s a guarantee that they will come across the word code/codes. Some of the codes are promo codes, bonus codes, coupon codes while others are betting codes. These codes are in most facets similar to each other but they differ slightly. In this article, we are going to explore and explain more about the betting code with a major focus on Betway’s betting codes.

What are Betway Betting Codes

Betway betting codes are special codes that are created by individual punters. These codes make it easy for punters to share and place the same type of bets. Owing to this attribute, Betway betting codes come in handy, particularly to tipsters looking to share their bets with fellow punters. Betway betting codes thus eliminate the hassles of manually inputting the teams from a screenshot or cooking a bet for yourself.

How to Create a Betway Code

To start sharing one’s betting code with fellow punters, it’s imperative that you first create the betway code. Creating the betway code is a simple task. The steps below illustrate the process of creating and sharing the betway code.

  1. The first step is to log in to your Betway account
  2. Once you access your account, navigate to the Multibet page and start picking your events and placing bets
  3. After placing the bets, tap on the Betslips button
  4. Afterwards, tap on the Book button
  5. As soon as players tap on the Book button, they instantly generate the Betway betting code.

Where and How to Share a Betway Code

The Betway betting code that punters generate is not for their use. Rather, its main purpose is to help punters share their bets with fellow punters. This, therefore, means after generating the betting code, the next step is to share it with fellow punters. To do this, punters must follow the steps below.

  1. Once players have generated the Betway betting code, the next step that punters need to do is to choose the sharing platform
  2. There are several sharing platforms that punters can choose from. These include WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS
  3. After sharing, the receiver of the betting code must head over to their Multibet page and input the special code
  4. Once they input the special code, all of the selections on the betslip instantly appear on the screen
  5. Punters thus can see all the selections and if they agree with the bets placed, proceed to generate their identical betslip.


Betway’s betting code is an innovative tool that allows tipsters and punters to easily and conveniently share their bet predictions. This, therefore, helps in making the whole betting process more social and interactive hence more exciting and entertaining. To start exploring the power of the Betway betting codes, punters must simply login to their accounts and start generating their own codes.