Betway Jackpot Predictions

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Betway Jackpot

At Betway, punters are spoilt for choice when it comes to sports betting jackpots. However, there are two jackpots which punters are going to find at all times when they log into to their accounts and it is these two which we are going to talk about.      

  • Betway Pick 15: The Pick 15 is a jackpot which comes with 15 legs. These legs are all drawn from professional leagues across the world including the most popular that is, the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and Italy Serie A. The betting format used for the Pick 15 is the 1×2 format. What this format entails is that punters have to predict if the Home Team is going to win, if the match is going to end in a stale mate or if the Away Team is going to win.
  • Betway Pick 6/Colossus: The Colossus Jackpot comes with relatively fewer legs just 6! However, unlike the Pick 15 jackpot, this jackpot does not use the 1×2 format but the more complex Correct Scores format. What this essentially means is that punters have to predict the correct scores of each and every leg on the jackpot coupon.         

How to Find the Betway Jackpot on the Site

Whether one is looking to play the Pick 15 or the Pick 6 Betway Jackpot, punters have to follow the steps below:

  • Login or Sign Up at Betway.
  • After the homepage loads, the punter must proceed to check the taskbar and look for the Jackpot button.   
  • After clicking the Jackpot button, the punter is redirected to the Jackpot page.   
  • On the Jackpot page, punters will get to see all the jackpots currently open – the Pick 15 and the Colossus jackpot are guaranteed to be open at all times while other jackpots such as the Pick 5 and Pick 8 may or may not be open.
  • The next step for the punter is to choose the jackpot he wants to play bearing in mind that the Colossus jackpot uses the Correct Score betting format while the Pick 15 uses the 1×2 betting format.
  • After the punter makes his choice, the next step is for the punter to make his betting predictions, make payment and proceed to generate his ticket.  

Betway Jackpot Schedule

The Betway Pick 15 and Colossus jackpots normally run weekly. However, punters ought to know that this is not a guarantee as some times, the Pick 15 and Colossus Jackpots may run for shorter periods including bi-weekly or on weekends only depending on the availability of fixtures. Other jackpots open at Betway including the Pick 5 and Pick 8 also does not have defined schedules meaning they may run daily, bi-weekly or weekly. See our Betway Codes for today     

Betway Jackpot Stakes

The minimum stake for the jackpots at Betway vary depending on the country you are betting from. The minimum stake that punters need to play if betting in Nigeria is 100 Naira. Kenya is KES 25. If betting in Ghana it is GHC 1

Betway Jackpot Bonus Amount

The jackpots at Betway are pooled jackpots. What this essentially means is that the jackpot bonus amount is only known once the betting window has closed and the total staked amount is known.      

Betway Jackpot Consolation Prizes

Regardless of whether punters are playing the Pick 15 or the Colossus Jackpot, they ought to know that when they fall slightly short of reaching the desired target that is 15 correct predictions for the Pick 15 and 6 correct score predictions for the Colossus Jackpot, they will receive a little something courtesy of Betway as consolation prizes. For the Pick 15, punters who get 14, 13, 12 or even 11 correct predictions will receive consolation prizes while for the Colossus Jackpot, punters who get 5, 4 or even 3 correct score predictions will receive consolation prizes.