Betwinner Jackpot Predictions

Betwinner Jackpot

When it comes to Betwinner jackpots, punters can expect to find a wide array of pooled jackpots which include the following:   

  • Toto 15: Toto 15 is a pooled jackpot specifically designed for football enthusiasts. As punters can probably deduce from the name of this jackpot, the coupon comes with 15 legs and the punter is tasked with correctly predicting the correct Match Results for the 15 legs in order to hit the jackpot. The legs are drawn from different leagues across the world including renowned leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga.
  • Correct Score: Football enthusiasts have the option to opt for the Correct Score jackpot which offers even a higher prize pool. This jackpot is a bit difficult to hit considering the punter is required to make Correct Score predictions. However, the mere fact that expected returns are relatively higher makes it a great proposition for punters looking for a massive payout. The Correct Score coupon has 8 legs which are drawn from various world leagues.
  • Ice Hockey: Betwinner does not only cater to football enthusiasts but also to ice hockey fans. Fans of ice hockey may place Match Result bets on pre-selected matches and if their predictions turn out to be correct, they will instantly fatten their pockets with big money.
  • Basketball: Basketball fans also have a reason to smile at Betwinner as they can generate their jackpot tickets by simply placing Match Result bets.
  • eSports FIFA: There has been a revolution taking place in the gaming industry in recent times which has seen the emergence of virtual games. Those who have joined the virtual games bandwagon ought to know that they can generate jackpot tickets by simply placing bets for the teams that they think will likely win their encounters in pre-selected legs. The 1×2 betting system is used for the eSports FIFA jackpot.

How to Find the Betwinner Jackpot on the Site

To place bets on anyone of the jackpots at Betwinner, punters will need to follow the steps below to reach the desired jackpot section:

  • Login or Sign Up at Betwinner
  • When on the Betwinner homepage, check the Menu icon on the rightmost side of the header tab   
  • Search for the Toto button and click on it to be redirected to the Jackpots page  
  • On the Jackpots page, all of the jackpots on offer are highlighted and the punter has to choose which one he prefers amongst Toto 15, Correct Score, Ice Hockey, Basketball and eSports FIFA
  • After making the selection, the punter can proceed to place his bets and thereafter generate his ticket. 

Betwinner Jackpot Schedule

Different jackpots do have different running schedules. Most of the jackpots however run on weekends while some run on a daily basis (depending on the availability of matches). The punter will therefore need to visit the jackpot page to see the jackpots which are currently running as well as their cutoff times.      


Punters who are looking to start their betting adventure for the chance to hit anyone of Betwinner’s jackpots ought to know that they are required to bet with at least ZWL 230. The maximum stake varies depending on the jackpot the punter is looking to play as well as the number of legs on a particular coupon.  

Jackpot Bonus Amount

As the jackpots at Betwinner are all pooled jackpots, the exact amount that punters stand to win when they hit the jackpots can only be determined after the betting window has been shut. In as much as this is the case, it’s however important for punters to note that the maximum jackpot prize for any of the available jackpots has a ceiling of ZWL 88 000 000.     

Consolation Prizes

Punters who fail to hit the jackpot by a whisker that is, with just one or two off predictions can exact to receive a little something from Betwinner as a consolation prize. The consolation prizes can only be known after the betting window has been shut and the total staked amount is known. 


Betwinner offers great jackpots which allow fans of different sports ranging from football, ice hockey, basketball to eSports an opportunity to place bets for the chance to win big money. Everything about Betwinner is spot on including security measures; hence punters need not worry about anything when they settle at Betwinner.