Live In-Play Soccer Betting with Betway

Slowly, the traditional way of doing things when it comes to sports betting is fading away. In coming is the new way of doing things. Traditional sports betting as we know it that is, placing bets in advance before a match commences is slowly fading away. As it does, more and more punters are starting to embrace live (or in-play) betting. As can be deduced from the title of this new form of sports betting, live betting simply refers to a type of betting in which the punter places a bet even after a match has commenced. One online bookmaker that already offers this new form of sports betting is Betway (see the Betway Jackpot). Below, we are going to highlight in detail all the steps that punters need to take in order to start placing their live bets at Betway.

How to Place your Live Bet with Betway

  1. Step number one is to reach the Betway homepage. On this front, the punter will need to make use of his web browser be it a desktop browser or a mobile web browser. Search for Betway and let the search engine do its magic. From the returned search results, click on the first result ( to be redirected to the Betway homepage
  2. By default, it is the casino lobby that will show on the homepage. Punters however aren’t interested in casino games but a different type of gaming that is, sports betting. As such, to reach the sports betting page, punters will need to navigate to the header tab. On the header tab, check the leftmost section for the button inscribed SPORTS
  3. Click the SPORTS button to be redirected to Betway’ sports betting section
  4. Once redirected to the sports betting section, punters will get to see all the upcoming events ranging from soccer, tennis, cricket, eSports, table tennis, basketball, to golf and a whole lot of others. However, it’s not the intention of the punter to place advance bets in the traditional way but rather live bets. As such, the punter will need to navigate to the header tab of the sports betting page
  5. On the header tab, there are various buttons displayed. Check for the button inscribed IN-PLAY and click upon it
  6. Clicking upon the IN-PLAY button will redirect punters to the live betting section. Here, punters will see all live matches that are currently taking place displayed. One thing to note here is that live bets at Betway are not just restricted to traditional sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis but are also available for eSports and virtual sports.
  7. Scroll through the live matches and choose a match you want to place a bet on. Once you do, check the box directly above the match to select the betting market that you want from those available
  8. Once you decide the betting market you want, proceed to place your stake and the bookmaker will calculate the odds and potential payout. If satisfied, proceed to generate your ticket and as you do, you will have successfully placed your first Betway live bet!