Sure Win predictions – Sure Bets & Sure Wins

Nowadays betting has become quite convenient as punters now have easy access to online bookmakers and they can bet online from wherever they may be. One thing however that betting does not offer you are 100% guarantees and you just have to hope and pray that your bets win. Now that we have established that there are no 100% guarantees, this article seeks to explain in detail what ‘Sure Bets Sure Win Predictions’ because the term seems to suggest that these are guaranteed.

What are Sure Bets & Sure Win predictions

Sure Bets Sure Win Predictions are by no means 100% guaranteed bets but they have a higher probability of winning, there is at least an 85% chance that the bet will win and this is good enough a chance especially considering how difficult predictions are. In most cases, sure bets are those games and bets which have the lowest odds, and if you are familiar with betting, you will realise that the bigger the odds, the higher the risk and the lower the odds, the lower the risk. Some of the bet types which offer Sure Bets Sure Win Predictions are:
Over 0.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
Home team or Away team with over 0.5 Goals,
Half-Time Over 0.5 Goals
Half-Time under 1.5 Goals

Sure Bets Sure Win Predictions are not profitable if you put them as singles, but you will immensely benefit from these if you combine all your low odds selections into an accumulator.

Sure bets are for the patient punters who are not out to make a quick buck, and this is so because the earnings per game are very low and it will take a punter a good amount of time to increase his or her account.
The other way of placing sure bets is to make use of Arbitrage betting, this is a risk-free way to gamble profitably by placing one bet per each outcome with different betting companies. It is actually very easy to make money using the Arbitrage method but the main problem is that you are at a higher risk of getting your accounts closed.
If you want Arbitrage betting, it is essential that you have accounts on various betting sites and you should be able to act quickly when odds change because that is where the profit lies.

In conclusion, Sure Bets Sure Win Predictions are definitely worth it if you are a patient punter who does not mind making small but consistent profits, and you must be prepared to make accumulators because if single bets are added to an accumulator, the profit becomes significantly big and the other reason why accumulators are good is because you will also get bonuses.