Bet9ja Virtual Predictions

For most Nigerian punters, Bet9ja is the go-to online bookmaker for all things that relate to sports betting. The reason why many Nigerian punters have a strong affection to Bet9ja stems from the fact that Bet9ja simply offers what all Nigerian punters cry for whether on the payment methods front, promotions front as well as the sports betting offerings themselves. One of the sports betting offerings that Nigerian punters have been crying for, for so long relates to Virtual Sports. Bet9ja duly obliged to the requests and integrated a Virtual Sports section on its site. Today, we are going to take time in exploring this Virtual Sports section looking at how punters can locate it, the games offered as well as promotional perks offered to those who engage in Virtual Sports betting. Although we don’t get provide predictions on Virtual football, we do provide: correct score predictions, both teams to score predictions and draw predictions, for real soccer.  

How to Find the Virtuals on Bet9ja

Another beauty of Bet9ja which has made it the online bookmaker of choice for many Nigerian punters is its flexibility when it comes to playing platforms. All punters looking to place bets at Bet9ja have the freedom to either enjoy their betting adventures on the desktop or on mobile. In turn, what this also means is that punters do have the freedom to engage in Virtual Sports betting on any platform that they deem preferable. Below, we are going to highlight the steps that punters can take to reach the Virtual Sports section whether they are using the desktop or on mobile. There are also our Bet9ja Zoom Predictions.

  1. The very first thing required from punters is to reach the Bet9ja homepage. To reach the homepage, all that’s required from punters is to make use of their web browsers in searching for Once punters do this, they will be redirected to the homepage. One thing to note for all punters using mobile device is that the mobile web browser route is not the only way they can reach Bet9ja homepage. Bet9ja does have a mobile app that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices for faster login access
  2. Once punters find themselves on the homepage, their attention should quickly turn to the header tab. Navigate to the header tab and scroll sideways until the ‘Virtual’ button appears
  3. When the ‘Virtual’ button appears, click on it to be redirected to the Virtual Sports section  
  4. Once redirected to the Virtual Sports section, punters will see the two virtual sports offered at Bet9ja displayed on the screen. From here, the punter will simply have to make a choice in choosing which virtual sport he prefers to place bets on

Bet9ja Virtual Sports on Offer

At Bet9ja, there are two virtual sports supported. Namely, these two are the Virtual Football League and the Virtual Tennis Open. Below, let’s check out more on these two virtual sports:  

  • Virtual Football League

The Virtual Football League is a virtual simulation of top European leagues. The teams however are not placed in their respective leagues as is the case with the real thing. Rather, all teams are just bundled together under the same league. The regulation time for the virtual football games is 4 minutes with more time added in case of additional stoppage time added or in instances of extra time. There are five betting markets that punters may choose from when looking to place their bets on any virtual football game of their choice. These betting markets are as follows:

  • 3 Way – Full Time: This betting market entails that the punter has to pick the side to win the match between the Home Team and the Away Team. The punter may also predict is the match is going to end in a stalemate
  • 3 Way – Half Time: This betting market entails that the punter picks the team to win the match in the first half between the Home Team and the Away Team. The punter may also pick a Draw result if he thinks the match will end in a draw. Only the half time result is considered
  • Handicap: The Handicap market allows the punter to choose the margin that the winning team will win the game by. It’s also possible to choose the margin that the losing team is going to lose by
  • Total Goals: This betting market entails that the punter predicts the margin of the goals to be scored by both teams. If the margin is over 2.5, it means both team have to score 3 or more goals for the punter to win. The punter has the discretion to choose the margin he wants
  • First Goal: This market allows the punter to predict the team to score the first goal
  • Virtual Tennis Open

Virtual Tennis Open simulates several of the real tennis tournaments that take place throughout the year. Virtual tennis matches start and end in 5 minutes. There are five betting markets to choose from for all those looking to place virtual tennis bets. These are as follows: Match Winner, 1st Game Winner, Winner – Set 1, Games – Match, Games – Set 1.  

Promotions for Virtual Sports

Bet9ja is not offering any exclusive promotional perks on Virtual Sports at the present moment.